30 June 2013

res nova

A "new thing" indeed! Not only is this the start of a new type of game for me to play (Roman gladiators), but it is literally a new game... this is the first public playtest for Furt on the LAF's new game, Blood on the Sands. A while back I picked up the em4 prepainted gladiators game, but in the box they've stayed as the rules didn't grab me and I knew that Blood on the Sands was in the pipeline. Yesterday evening I re-stickered my blank dice that I'd made for Quest (now that it has been superseded by Goblinquest I had no need for them) and made a good start on chopping up tokens:

More to come soon, I hope.


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  1. Great to see Rab - can't wait to hear about what you think of the rules.