4 June 2013

Purple kniggit

Wotcha, chaps!

It turns out that moving house, laying two floors (cellar and loft), building cupboards and shelves and stuff takes quite a while, which is why it's been so dreadfully quiet on the blogging front for the last couple of months. Fear not loyal readers, for I have been spending money on geeking to make up for having all  my stuff in boxes and inaccessible.

First, I backed the Itar's Workshop kickstarter at the Basic Dungeon set which gives me a whacking 70-odd bits of resin dungeon for $65 delivered to the UK. Now I'm just dithering over whether to extend my pledge to get more corridors, treasure chests etc. They should ship in October this year. Expect 2nd edition Goblinquest to be in 3d!

This is the "before the stretch goals" set - I'll be getting twice as many pieces but in unpainted grey resin

I also got carried away looking at the pre-painted resin thatched buildings from pmc games on ebay and bought a whole village worth, including blacksmith, church and peel tower. I shall use them for Song of Blades and Heroes as well as for the tinkering I'm doing with Two Fat Lardies' Dux Brittaniarum to turn it into a mythical high-medieval ruleset (knights and peasants in the main, but dealing with goblins and other nasties from the Arthurian myths). Yes, this will allow me to use my SBH/Goblinquest figures again. Nifty, eh?

As my first miniature at my newly established painting desk (in the cellar, of course, away from all the civilised parts of the house that visitors might see...), I've slapped some paint on this chappy below. He's an old Citadel Feudal miniature, now back in production again via Wargames Foundry, but this particular figure (and the other half dozen I picked up from Heyer on the Lead Adventure Forum) dates back to the 80s. Fun to paint, even if the GW purple wash I used to blend in his surcoat has given it a rather visceral glossiness. I might go back and neaten up the star on his shield if I get time, but given my slow progress generally (only my second figure this year), I don't see that happening any time soon.

He has the usual hex-base that I'm partial to, but this time cut from 3mm mdf using the laser-cutter I have occasional access to. I've also cut some slightly larger hexagonal sections, but that's for another post.

Look at me! I've got a poorly painted freehand shield!

It's good to be back in the saddle, painting and posting again.

Happy geeking,


  1. Glad the move went well and you're back in action - nice job on the knight. I usually mix in some vallejo matt medium with my ink washes to take the shine off.

    Good job I didn't see that kickstarter or I'd have been sorely tempted - must use my Hirst Arts moulds to cast my own dungeon some day...

  2. Thanks; I haven't varnished him yet so hopefully that will take the shine off but thanks for the matt medium tip.

    You can still join the kickstarter through their pledge manager if you want...


    Just sign up and start spending! International shipping is at the bottom of the 'dungeon' tab

  3. Good to see you return to the fray, sir! And what a fantastic return it is: that knight is splendiferous.

    Although I nabbed a copy of GQ I still haven't got around to giving it a whirl for which I apologise profusely. Rest assured it will happen at some point though!

    1. Cheers, Gareth, glad you like the little armoured chappy. And, as I haven't yet got round to Cavern Crawling yet, I don't think any apology is required!

  4. Great looking knight, and plan, reminds me a lot of souvenirs, thanks for sharing!