19 January 2014

Bruchvir Daemonblade

Bruchvir regarded the caterpillar spinning its cocoon and a hiss of gentle appreciation escaped from within his iridescent helmet. Here indeed was the mark of Change and the Being within his blade could feel it too; its song, ever-present, morphed and shifted, grew in volume until it filled Bruchvir's head like a shout of exultation. Yes, now was the time for Tzeentch's foes to face their doom - Bruchvir Daemonblade was coming!

I really wanted to get a beetle-like sheen to the armour of this chap who will be the leader of my little Realm of Chaos warband for the narrative campaign that I will (no, honestly) begin soon-ish. Thinking about it now, green is more often a Nurgle-esque shade, but I wanted to experiment with using green ink and I think I've managed to avoid a sickly colour. The green is less subtle in real life than it is in the photos!

On the base I went for a three-seasons approach: the change from Spring in front, Summer underfoot and Autumn behind.

Of course, Bruchvir (I mashed together the Latin words for green and beetle - viride and bruchus, with a bit of a pun using vir which means man, so he's "green beetle man") should have a mighty host of followers... but at the moment he has only one.

I got Bruchvir and some other geeking bits done yesterday afternoon while some ex-colleagues of my wife were round. They are good, kind, generous people... but I find them a bit irritating so was given leave by the boss to go and play after I'd been welcoming and polite. Simon Armitage's Gawain and the Green Knight went on the ipod and I was off. Nice!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend,


  1. Very nice, love seeing these old miniatures again.


  2. Excellent work. I love the helmets on old Chaos Warriors: the visors look so menacing. Your experiment with green ink looks to have been a resounding success, lending the model a very distinctive look. Also, is that flock on the base?

  3. Love the armour! + the basing is excellent!

    You really setting a high bar for our little campaign (git!)!

    Hoping to make a start on my war band today.

  4. Thanks, chaps :)

    The older models have so much character, I think, Steve but I was annoyed that I couldn't find the catalogue reference for the champion. The pedant in me is still sighing over that!

    I enjoyed playing with the ink, Gareth, and yes, that's flock. Used sparingly I rather like the undifferentiated ground cover effect it gives.

    Glad to hear that, Chris - get a move on and then update that blog of yours ;)

  5. Looks like you ended up with a Green knight of your own there!

    Very nice beetly effect and not Nurgly at all - nice word play on the name too.

    I love the Bugbear too - got several of those sculpts myself, ranging from a little whippersnapper with a catapult too the big boys like your chap here.

  6. Thanks, Thants, I am pretty pleased with how he turned out. I tried to pick up two more bugbears on ebay but got sniped with 2 seconds to go, and left with just one win from a seller with high postage costs, dammit!