17 January 2014

The storerooms

Having defeated, or at least got past, the raiding band of goblins using the caves as a handy base for looting the surrounding farmsteads, our heroes ascend the narrow stone steps carved from the living rock and emerge in.... the distinctly unglamorous surroundings of the storerooms of Sir Reginald's Castle. They can't let their guard drop, however, as there are regular patrols to make sure those pesky goblinoid vermin don't try and sneak off with the wicked knight's favourite wine and sausages!

This time I scanned it in as a 500dpi b&w image with the brightness up slightly to remove the page's dotted grid, cropping and converting it to a .jpg in photoshop. You can tell I was doing this on my knee rather than at the table from the less than straight walls. I'd like to think it gives it a naive charm, or something...

Have fun and roll dice,


  1. Naive charm!

    I really like the hand drawn maps look. In fact, I bought the Inked Adventures
    Hand Drawn Large Geomorph Tiles
    set recently. I've been mounting them on foam core and they look very good. Very naively charming!

  2. Yup, it was Billiam Babble's original modular sets that got me started (you'll see them in use if you search this blog by Gaming with Kids or Goblinquest). Actually, you can make any of these maps I'm drawing with his pieces!

    Naive is evidently the new black ;)