21 January 2014

Dankpelt Goretusk

Beastman number two. This time a boar-based critter from the 1988 Citadel Catalogue, number 09 on this page on the Stuff of Legends site. I still need to do a shield for him/it and will be referring to either this page or this page on Orlygg's great Realm of Chaos blog for inspiration. For now, and to keep up the (for me) extremely rapid progress, I'll leave the shield and get straight on with the next member of the gang - a Bob Olley sheep-face sculpt.

Anyway, pictures or it didn't happen, right? A quick ipad snap under lighting which makes it look like the paint is still wet, snatched before heading to work this morning, as proof:

Dankpelt Goretusk - no fancy Latin or punning for his name, just something bestial and vicious-sounding

I hope your painting is coming on as rapidly,


  1. I really like how this band is taking shape bit after bit. The paintjobs and names are really fitting. Have your rolled the whole band already? If yes, are there some "big pieces" to expect?
    Looking forward to the Bob Olley goa... hem I mean the beastman

  2. Thanks, Asslessman, I have to admit I'm rather enjoying daubing away at old lead and experimenting with inks and diluting paints with them as well. Not exactly Golden demon, but good enough to game with.

    The whole band is rolled up, and I'm afraid that the dice have only rewarded me with the champion and four beastmen. I'd better start taking scalps for Tzeentch to get a larger following. I do have a Lord of Change figure ripe for painting which will come after the next two beasts, just in case it escapes from Bruchvir's blade...

  3. Rab you git! How are you finding tome to paint? I managed to get one colour and a wash on my minis at the weekend, but a hacking coughs making it hard to do much more.

    Your war band is looking rather too good for my liking. I'm going to have to put in some serious time at the table in order not to insult your superior models by sharing a table!

  4. That's very kind of you, Chris, but I'm quite sure you'll have some delightful eye-candy to share when you get an hour or two at the painting table.

    My new approach involves lots of inking and washing. It's actually fairly quick! The warrior was entirely wash and drybrush...

  5. Another superb job. There is something very addictive about painting old lead, isn't there?

  6. There certainly is, Gareth! Glad you like it.