10 April 2014

Lashings of ginger beer!

Suitably refreshed by a generous picnic from our host, antipixi, of sandwiches, crisps, chocolate, and ginger beer (How delightfully Enid Blyton! I wonder if anyone has ever wargamed The Magic Faraway Tree? Or run The Famous Five as a dungeon crawl party? Hmm....) we got stuck back into our day of gaming.

We had time for one more battle so decided on a four-way warband skirmish around a tower containing a mysterious magic item. The last remaining champion on the field of battle would be able to claim this mighty object for themselves and the glory of their patron.

The field of battle. Whiskey Priest's caulking mat was really nice to game on.
There's my plucky band down in the bottom right. For some reason, Malc decided he needed revenge on me for earlier and quickly teamed up with the other Khorne warband to make me their prime target...

It started fairly evenly, but I was overconfident and kept only using sufficient power points to make the necessary saving throw "sporting" - cue Malc making the most extraordinary set of low rolls you've ever seen... that is, until he made it into combat and I continuously failed to inflict any wounds on his toughness 5 beastmen. It was a lot more difficult in this game as they weren't running away!

I fared better against Whiskey Priest, zapping away and causing a wholesale rout as I sent a yelping chaos hound back through his whole warband that was funnelling through a narrow gap between a group of buildings.

The advance of Khorne...

The retreat of Khorne...
Then he got swamped by the nurgley nastiness of antipixi's uber-slug. A shame that the nicest painted models on the whole board ended so ignominiously. Oh yeah, and then he got shot up by his erstwhile accomplice, Malc. Blood for the blood god, indeed!

My lone warband champion flees, while my horrors fight The Beast

My contribution to the battle petered out soon afterwards with all my warband being slain or fleeing. At least my spawned horrors did for that horrid Beast of Nurgle that antipixi was wielding to such effect.

I have no pictures of the rest of this battle, but plenty can be found on Whiskey Priest's blog, so I shall leave you with a delightful selection of crotch photos. Can you guess which trouser area belongs to which oldhammerer? Don't say I never give you a treat!

Hint: none of them are mine; I was behind the camera.

Till next time, and don't have nightmares,


  1. All these gaming reports are making me very jealous! Good to see the miniatures in action. I am currently faced by a total dearth of gaming chums, although a friend is coming up from distant Plymouth for a game-or-two at the beginning of May.

    1. A dearth of gaming is never a good thing; I hope your Plymouth chap will help rectify that. My next project is to get to the Oldhammer day in the summer. Are you going to that?

  2. Nice looking game - ginger beer sounds intriguing

    1. Just the fizzy, non-alcoholic version but tasty nonetheless!

  3. Reading about our game just makes me want to play again!

    Bring on the summer hols!

    1. Hell yes!

      I've got two minotaur lords prepped (based,undercoated and black washed) and the pieces for my centaur conversions sorted since we played. I've even started cutting and pinning them.

      Must. Play. More!

  4. The Warbands fun really is looking good!

    I sooooooo need to sort out a Luton area Oldhammer club.....................

    I'll be at the Summer meet in Nottingham and will see you there.

    1. Yes, you do. Now get to it! Actually, we're not _that_ far from Luton, perhaps you could join us as well, another time? Hopefully I'll see you at Foundry in the summer anyway.

    2. So long as I'm free I'll be there, looks like you're lacking a Slaaneshi warband..............................