22 February 2015

Super EM and the Monsters

Sadly for music lovers in the audience, this is not a post about an obscure early 90s indie band who counted the Beach Boys, Thomas Tallis and Hebridean folk music as their influences and had been brought together by a shared love of honey and nutella sandwiches. Although I now have a slight sadness that such a band didn't exist...

Fortunately I am able to console myself with more gaming time with my little 'uns, or specifically, the littler one. Sunday was a day of serial children's parties with both boys in full social mode. After EM was done for the day he demanded first, a rough and tumble, and then second, a game "but not with knights - I want to be the monsters, the BIG monsters, and you can be peasants." I was happy to oblige and got out the New Gaming Board (TM) which is a two foot square piece of some kind of ply, painted black on one side and with some grass mat glued onto the other, along with some BIG monsters:

The peasants spread out, trying to cover all the avenues of attack the monsters could take, but the evil mastermind behind their assault swiftly moved his forces to counter, charging forward with an old Metal magic giant who proved to be man (giant?) of the match.

The Mask of Rolling Really High Numbers on Dice (as modelled by Super EM) proved its worth, as plucky peasants were battered about like ninepins...

First roll of the game - 20

Second roll of the game - 19
Chaos knight on giant evil swan charges peasants in open formation, assisted by an orc, under the command of a boy in a superhero mask? Yeah, that's absolutely the quintessence of Younghammer right there!

Meanwhile, in the centre of the village, the giant was running out of Romans

Third roll of the game - 20
At this point I have to admit to an ulterior motive in allowing EM to use my chaos knight; it was the first time the knight had been used in a game. Sneaky, eh? True to the "newly painted miniatures" law of the universe, he promptly was defeated in his first combat. Dice gods duly satisfied, I look forward to wreaking havoc with him in future. Mwahahahaha!

Any bird passing by would have seen the conflict splinter across the board, with nine brave/foolish peasants still striving to protect their cows...

... but a second bird in close pursuit would have struggled to spot a single breathing human. Sad times.

Lots of fun, with made up rules - everything moves the same distance (the length of a broken craft stick I had to hand), the larger the creature the "bigger" the dice (more sides) you could use. It all worked beautifully, with triumph and tragedy for each side. Admittedly I got the larger share of tragedy, but that's fair enough when indoctrinating introducing gaming to the nipper.

Have a good half term, fellow teachers, and remember it's just five weeks until Easter.


  1. All sounds good fun! A few thoughts:

    1. E seems to be getting a good grasp of the gaming scene. I really must get Euan playing some games.
    2. You cheeky swine! Using your son to take the newly painted mini death so that you don't have to! How do you live with yourself!?!
    3. We need to get together and stat up you Chaos Swan, so that we can have a day of RoC in the Easter break.

  2. It was!

    1. Yes. Yes you do. Song of Blades and Heroes is good, or just do what I did today - pick some figures, standardise movement, roll some dice. You can even argue it's Euan's maths h/w - we added scores on each side of a combat to determine the winner.
    2. What can I say? I'm a bad man.
    3. Yes! Even if the statting up is done online, I certainly want a spot of gaming over Easter.

  3. That's a great shot of your son leaning down with the minis in the foreground. Modern technology had made capturing these memories so much easier.

    Cheers :)

    1. I was particularly pleased with that one - normally he pulls silly faces, but that photo is definitely a keeper for me.

  4. Fantastic! Just caught up with the blog and wanted to also congratulate you on 100K views. Well done. I've been caught up in the Analogue Hobbies painting challenge and trying to pull myself out from under a backlog of chores. I think I'll press gang the boy for a romp soon.

    1. Thanks Sean. The increased output has been partly me _avoiding_ chores, or rather marking. Which for a teacher is the same thing! I look forward to your father/son adventures.

  5. Amazing stuff, it looks like you both had a real blast and as the one says, some lovely photos of your son enjoying the game

    I had some fun with my young kids too, playing Heroquest - there's a summary here if you're interested (including sulks and regular dice dropping): http://thelostandtheverydamned.blogspot.co.uk/2015/02/a-game-of-family-heroquest.html

    1. Thank you Stuart, we did have fun. I shall go and have a read of your game now.