24 February 2015

The costs of gaming - February 2015

January 2015 - £0.00

February 2015

  • BOUGHT - 2nd hand metal demon bits for conversion fodder - £7
  • BOUGHT - clip on battery-powered LED lights to go on my painting tray - £2.99
  • BOUGHT - "after the fact" post-kickstarter warbot and support droids from Oathsworn - £15
  • Total = £24.99

Total for 2015 to date = £24.99


  1. visited Dark Sphere this month....... £45 quid on paints!

    But still no miniatures!

    1. I hadn't actually meant to post this from draft yet, but as I don't plan to spend any more this month perhaps that's ok!

      That's a lot of paint, btw, what did you get? What's it going to get put on? Do tell!

    2. SOOOOooooooo much painting to get through. I am hoping to make a big dent with a liberal use of different colour Army Painter primers on the sprues and then stick them together before going to work with the washes.

      Have an entire 2nd company of Space marines to get through, plus another 3000 point of WHF Empire AND a Mordheim warband which just keep dying so I have to keep painting more!

    3. Haahahahahahh! Ok, that's a lot of painting! Good luck :)