30 December 2015

Deadcember the 30th

Almost late (which would, admittedly, have been apt for the undead), I finally got my unit of skeletons finished. Well, almost. I'll come to that later.

Here we go, pictures or it didn't happen:

Stage... something: I've lost track as I hurried to get them done, but the utterly-lost-in-the-photo shading on the shields was a base of Foundry's Musket Stock Brown 72C, with highlights mixing in some British Redcoat 68A and the magic sword was splodging about with pale blue and metallic drybrushes, then an Asurmen Blue wash to tie it together. Not too bad for a first go at a glowing weapon!

Aerial shot:

And then a close-up of the boss:

I really like these Black Tree Design skeletons. In fact I ordered some more in their 50% New Year sale... I decided to have them advancing through a fairly lush landscape to contrast with their living-impaired status, and may have overdone it slightly.

Oh yes, I was going to explain why they weren't quite finished. No, it's not that I haven't varnished them (although I tend not to except for fantasy football miniatures that get individually handled, put on their side etc.), but that I have had a little trouble with the flag:

I'd picked up some of the old sticker banners that GW made back in the last century but it turns out I'm rather crap at applying them! You'll probably have noticed the rather lumpen flag pole being carried by the banner bearer (a very quick chop and extend with a bit of wire and some putty job), but I wasn't too worried as I knew the flag would hide it. I just need to get it to stick in place! A task for a quiet half hour, I think, and I've got one of those in my diary sometime in early June...

That's it for Deadcember for this year, but with Zhu's excellent artwork and a prize I have planned, it will be be back bigger and deader than ever in 2016!

Over the next week I shall put together the obligatory review of 2015/plans for 2016 post but, until then, have a very happy new year,



  1. Good work, Rab.

    I'll be painting some undead bits for my Nurgle Army during the next few months, but unfortunately December has been too busy to get my hobby on

    1. Thanks Chris - perils of the profession, ain't it? I'll look forward to your plague ridden corpses... in a good way!

  2. I had a space necro planned but I failed at finishing it in time !
    Great job on those undead and you should leave premade banners aside to make your own !
    Have a great new year ;)

    1. I will not be defeated! Seriously, though, I rather like the banner images and will have another attempt to fix it.

  3. Nice looking unit and you can split it into two for Dragon Rampant. Very useful. I do like the figures, I'm very tempted but I can't justify buying more figures ( unless my hobgobs shaman is a necromancer?.....what have you started?) hope to face them on a battlefield soon.

    1. Thanks, Colin, and mwhahahahah - surrender to the lure of lead!

      Two DR units is exactly what I had in mind.

  4. Looking forward to your year round wrap up sir.
    I hear you on the old sticker issue, I've got a sheet of chaos ones that will stay wrapped forever.
    The one success I had with then was from taping the flap edges down with the tamiya 2mm tape and painting it black. Good luck and love the grittiness of your force.

    1. I was thinking of sandwiching some foil between the front and back and fashioning my own, longer flaps to wrap over the crossbar. We'll see.

      As for the round up, sneak preview is I managed to hit my target of a miniature a week!