8 December 2015

Deadcember the 8th

Aaah, mortisnacht, the traditional Deadcember 8th celebration for the exchange of gifts for necromantic experimentation. Fun for all the graveyard! I remember well the year I got my very own zombie puppy...

From deviantart, by blackeyedcoyote

I must have been appropriately bad this year as when I got home from work last night, not only was my new suit waiting for me (three piece, slim cut, wool-rich, blue with a hint of violet, thanks for asking), but also THREE geeky packages for yours truly.

First, the B/X Monster Reference Index arrived that succesfully kickstarted on October 4th. If only all crowdfunding projects were so focussed and rapid in their execution - I'm still waiting on the Itar's Workshop dungeon tiles which funded on May 18th 2013!!!

This set is an A5 ring binder with all the monster stats from "the original roleplaying game" in its B/X incarnation. It'll prove an excellent flipchart on games nights and a useful reference when stocking dungeons. I like the cover, too.

Nice cover

So many monsters!

Nifty stickers to cover the OGL page and make use of every leaf in the folder.

Parcel number two is more Deadcemberish - the two skeleton ogres that inspired Sunday's post and musings, as well as an unexpectedly HUGE liche that I thought from the website would be around 28mm but is more like 45mm!

Club chap on the left is 44mm from sole of his feet to the top of his horned helmet (not clear from this angle).
Axe chap on the right is 45mm from the sole of his feet to the top of the skull. Both have 2mm thick bases.

This is the liche, sculpted by Chaz Elliot, and you can see from the 25mm base that he's a big chap.
The shield is for an undead champion I already have from Black Tree Design.

Look at him next to the ogre! He's a monster! Still, it's a much better miniature than the infamous Nagash sculpt...

Two parcels down, one to go. This made me smile the most, not just because it contained two copies of a sculpt I've been after for a while and is OOP, but also because of the freebies thrown in by Marcus at Wargames Foundry - what nice chaps and chapesses they are in East Stoke! It was fortuitous timing when I emailed because the figure I wanted had just been dragged off the shelf for some casting practice. Result!

There they are, the top two figures are the Santas I wanted. I was only going to get one but
couldn't decide whether to go for a green or red Father Christmas.
I hope you can make out the detail of the pilfering gobbo robbing from Santa's sack as his friend
threatens the old fellow with a pistol. That bottom trio are the freebies! I told you it was generous.

So, all in all a delightfully geeky home time for me :)

Now back to do some real-world work - no painting for me today.


  1. Funny you should mention Nagash and that liche. I got him back in 1990-something exactly as a substitute for Nagash because I hated the GW model. Some minor conversions to give him Nagash's staff and book and I was thrilled with the figure. :) https://goo.gl/photos/7xjr7BPVR4NB49Ln7

    1. Nice work, salem. I'm tempted to add a book now myself...