1 February 2016

Cabinet of curiosities

Long have I lusted over the display cabinets of other Oldhammerers and gaming bloggers. All their figures laid out in their multifaceted and painted glory, inviting closer ogling and holding out the promise that there'll be some rare gem of great price tucked away among the plastic Bretonnian archers that seem to collect like dust in any gaming room.

But I always returned to the calculation of how many miniatures I could buy for the price of even the most rickety of cases...

And then, while feeding next door's cats I noticed this ready to go on ebay, but they gave it to me when I expressed interest; wouldn't take a penny - wooohooo!

Be lucky,


  1. Now that is a piece of luck! Looks good. Started me thinking about display cabinets now. Better than being hidden away in plastic boxes - I forget some of the miniatures I've painted a while back sometimes!

    1. I know! I'd been about to bid on some peasants and then found I had a few more (painted!) tucked away in a case I don't use much. Embarrassing, really :/