28 February 2016

[KQ] The caverns of calamity! (Part 1)

A long time might have passed in the real world since Sir Reginald was nearly slain by an orc during the retaking of his home, but "in-game" it has merely been a day and a half's hard ride. Unwilling to spend the time circumnavigating the southernmost spur of the Dragon's Tail mountain range, our Heroes elect to take the old mining route under the mountain, directly through...


A soundtrack such as this might set the mood.

With the urgency born of the need to save their friend, they headed straight into the forbidding cave mouth and prepared to brave the unnatural hybrids of man, beast and demon that were rumored to dwell there.

Almost immediately, the goblin gang that used the caves nearest the entrance as their hideout fell upon the heroes...

A brief fracas showed the goblins the error of their ways, with the knights carefully using the caves to keep out of clear bowshot until they could close on their foes and making short work of them. The wizard also vaporised one of the varmints with a judicious fireball!

Following the last fleeing imp, the heroes rushed headlong into the main lair of the gang, realising to their chagrin that they were under the sway of a large and vicious bugbear...

It took a while, and nearly cost Sir EM (red surcoat, green dragon crest) his life, but they triumphed and rid the roads and hamlets of the surrounding land of a deadly threat to life, livestock, and property.

Frustratingly, however, for their quest, the lair proved a dead-end and so the trio retraced their steps and headed westwards. After a few twists, turns, and ignored side-passages, a peculiar snuffling and subdued howling echoed through the caverns as out of the darkness slunk two vaguely canine fiends that attacked immediately...

Although the "dogs" proved no direct threat, they delayed the three questors long enough for the real assault - a frantic affair in a darkness so complete that no camera could capture the action!

Sir CJ's breathing was no longer echoing harshly inside his helm and his heart had stopped trying to burst through his chest. All around was quiet, the foe dead or gone. Sir CJ and the wizard Alfric were unharmed; if anything, Sir CJ seemed brighter and renewed after their success. A gentle glow spread out into the cavern from the wizard's staff and his face was filled with grim determination. He nodded and gestured forwards into the unknown. "Onwards, friends; a noble life depends on us!"


What a pleasant way to spend an afternoon parenting! I didn't take it easy on them, in fact I ambushed them twice, but they proved equal to the task. CJ in particular was an absolute killing machine, charging in at every opportunity like a knight from the fables, while EM dealt more maturely with poor dice rolls than several adults I've gamed with. I was proud!

Happy gaming to you and yours,


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    1. Thanks, Herbert, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Oh wow that wizard takes me back to the 80's and the days of Dungeons and Dragons.

    1. Yeah, that was exactly my thought so I had to paint him up to match.