18 February 2016

Half-term brushwork

I've been pressing on with some painting in the evenings this week (I'm just waiting for a wash to dry while I write this) and enjoying myself hugely. I've even been attempting eyes!

Since snapping these fine fellows (and yes, the back right pair are from January), I've finished another dwarf and made good progress on two more. That will give me the six I need (once shields and basing are addressed) to make a nicely robust unit of Elite Foot for Dragon Rampant - the first step towards that goal of a Dwarf warband.

It seemed fitting to paint stunties in the shortest month of the year ;)



  1. Will indeed make a splendid unit for Dragon Rampant.
    BTW can you recommend a good/cheap medieval bestiary?

    1. Thanks, Alan, they are doughty-looking miniatures for certain.

      As for a bestiary, I like this Richard Barber book - it's a straight modern translation with the original illustrations.