8 August 2016


A few weeks back, a chap from the West Yorkshire Blood Bowl League (WYBBL) asked for a spot of help on FB to turn their logo into an appropriate format for lasering into some custom dice to use as giveaways in an upcoming tournament. Having enjoyed doing just that for BOYL '14, and wanting to not get rusty using Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as helping a fellow gamer out, I volunteered.

This is their logo:

Snazzy, eh? It is a solid combination of the NAF logo:

and the West Yorkshire Rose:

Once I'd had a play around, simplifying it to fit with the printer's requirements, I sent my efforts back to Christoph, and this is the result:

They're going to send me a pair as a thankyou, which is nice (I'm a sucker for dice), and I hope they're well-received at their tournament.  The tournament is on the 1st October in Leeds, England. More info can be found at this thread on Talk Fantasy Football. Go! It'll be fun.

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