19 August 2016


After a glorious holiday, in which no modelling took place because I forgot my pin vise, I returned home to a couple of nice little packages and with a surprising little purchase from a post office in tiny, remote Cornish fishing village, Newlyn.

First, the WYBBL dice I sorted out the logo for. These are the ultra-limited pearl versíon. Snazzy! Also, I had the undead ogre sculpt by Justin Coutange through the Oldhammer FB group. In fact, I liked it so much I got two. I think the second may be offered as a prize for Deadcember at the end of this year.

There was also an apropos nothing gift from an old fencing and re-enacting friend, something which I'd never seen before. It's a beautifully illustrated Steve Jackson 'Fantasy questbook' called 'The tears of Tantalon'. I think I'm going to enjoy solving it, as well as looking over the artwork. Thanks, Phil!

And my post office purchase? Two oldish GW washes (Baal red and the blue one, no Devlan Mud sadly) and a Hawk Turquoise (I have trouble mixing turquoise) all from a £1 grab bin. I only got them thanks to Mrs Rab spotting "some of your monsters" in the shop window and suggesting I check inside. Bless her!

Now, to put all these treasures to good use.

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