3 September 2017

Averaigne campaign - session 39

    Session 39 - in which there is shopping and kidnapping
    The adventurers, including new recruit Gern, re-equip themselves for further heroism and consider just what to do about their original quest, the ailing Lady Montfort.

    NOTE: in order to keep a complete record, but not put off posting these any longer, I'm just transcribing my DM notes. Short and sweet.
    • shopping continues
    • they go to the Montfort house and talk their way in to see Lady Montfort (cleric) with offer of free healing
    • Dumnorix sits alongside the lady in waiting and joins in with her devotional reading, her hand rests on his, he nods at Nausicaa who has also been allowed in to the chamber, indicating to go for it
    • Nausicaa slips the lizard bracelet onto her arm to where she was scratching herself
    • the bracelet immediately shrinks to fit her wrist and she starts to twitch
    • the steward starts to get nervous and accuses them of giving her pain in her last moments
    • Lady sits upright but then slumps back, her skin rippling slightly near the bracelet
    • lady in waiting starts to weep and wail
    • steward gets really unsettled and starts calling them impostors and sorcerers 
    • so Dumnorix hits him with a Hold Person charm and shouts to Nausicaa "quick, grab her feet" and the two run, holding the twitching lady!!!! [Best and most unexpected bit of RP yet, really surprising the other players who had to properly scramble to sort things out]
    • the lady in waiting wails "They're taking my lady!" and all hell breaks loose
    • the other party members pour out of the kitchen where they'd been enjoying a drink, servants and guards swarm the hall hemming them in
    • Montagne barges a servant into a guard sending him spinning and opening a path to the door, but Nausicaa and Oiseau get caught up
    • Aurelius uses a cantrip to write "Let them take her" on the walls, rolls nat 20 and covers every surface in the room with the message
    • Guards etc freak out and stop fighting
    • The steward recovers from being Held and, after some sweet-talking, sends a few guards along with the party and the lady to "have her curse removed"
    • Back into the sewers through the Wizards' Library
    • Back to the lizard chamber
    • Touchy negotiations with lizards. BIG lizards. Difficult as "Blanco" dead and none of the rest speak Common
    • Manage to hand over increasingly reptilian Lady Montfort without guards drawing swords
    • She finally fully converts to lizard(wo)man and leaves with the other lizards through a narrow passage and into the river
    • Guards freak out again - they had one job...
    • Return to the house, Lord Montfort has been back and, on learning wife taken and going scaly, clears out and has gone back to Castle Montfort
    • Steward questions them using a Veritas Orb to check they're not lying. Satisfied, and concerned his master may have played false role, gives them directions to follow and signet ring to gain entry to the castle
    Turns out our adventurers might just be heroes after all. Not content with gaining "all the sweet XP" for completing a quest, they want to find and probably punish Montfort for "stealing a lizardwoman and hiding her in a human suit".

    More soon.

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