13 September 2017

The red dwarf and the blue dwarf had a race

I've long been an ardent admirer of how Blue in VT paints, in particular the smoothness he gets on his multi-coloured chaos dwarfs. Now, that smoothness is not really my style (and is beyond my current skills anyway), but I did draw on them for inspiration for these two short and wicked fellows.

They are from Clam's Eval Dwergar range and they were a delight to paint, even if they were a bugger to photograph. My chaos dwarf contingent is made up from about a dozen from this range, a couple of old Citadel (pre-big hat), and a couple from CP models. I think they go well together while retaining a nicely chaotic level of variation.

Here are the first two:

Yes, there are problems (especially with the lamellar skirt on bluey), but if I get too picky I'll never make any decent progress.


ps -  I challenge anyone who grew up in Britain in the late 80s/early 90s not to know the advert tune that goes with the title to this blogpost.


  1. I want a Milky Way now :( and great looking Dwarves mate!

    1. I don't think the advert was about dwarves however.... but a very good twist on it. Interesting Dwarves...obviously one has been outside on guard duty for far too long and is a little cold!!!

    2. There are green, yellow, grey, orange (perhaps), and metallic all to come.