3 October 2017


No matter what I've tried, I just haven't been able to get back into the painting groove since Dad's funeral back in February, apart from a couple of painting challenges. So, maybe, another painting challenge (orktober) will break the funk?

It comes at a good point, anyway, with my impulse idea to run Battle at the Farm for my boys in the new year. Small padded envelopes are starting to drop through the letterbox again, and I've the orks either nice and shiny again or back into the last dregs of my last Fairy Power Spray to get rid of the stubborn bits. I'm using the figures from the RTB02 Space Ork Raiders set:

Picture from Stuff of Legends

Picture from Stuff of Legends

Well, all are being stripped except this guy. He's the Thrugg Bullneck figure who takes command of the ork raiders retrieving some hastily stashed booty from a ruined farmhouse now inconveniently occupied by heavily armed and armoured space marines.

Whoever had him before had obviously lavished some care on him. There's a nicely subtle shading to the yellow of his helmet, and that's a custom back banner he's sporting. Ok, he's really shiny (not my normal approach) and that does him no favours with the flash, but I kinda like him. Add in that there is a (slightly, but only slightly, damaged) duplicate in the lot that came from ebay...

Yeah, I'll leave him for now. Maybe he'll get supplanted by his duplicate in due course, but that's the way of the Waaaaaagh, innit? Until then, he's da boss.


  1. You could always give him a nice matte coat to knock back that shine.

    Looking forward to seeing how your Orks come out.

  2. Awesome sauce. From time to time I receive figures that are painted fairly well and think that it would be a shame to strip such a lovely figure. I think a touch of matt varnish and he's good to go. Or just leave him as is and have one less figure to mess with.

    1. I'm going to take the second option, for now at least ;)