29 October 2017

Space ork squad leader

As we come to the close of Orktober, I find that trying to batch paint hasn't quite worked out, for the month-long painting challenge at least! I find myself with ten partially painted orks, and only one painted. I hope I'll get the others done over the next few weeks, but in the meantime here is a squad leader (if you go by the tab), or Ork Nob with Bolter and Bolt Pistol if you go by the 1991 catalogue.

I may add some orange "alien desert" clump foliage to his base, but otherwise I'm calling him done.

I enjoyed painting him; lots of character without too many twiddly bits, just like an 80s sculpt should be! And, for that matter, just like an ork should be. The merest hint of goofiness, but only the merest hint, ever so slightly non-human proportions (not the green gorilla manga-monster proportions one finds today), and a cross between biker gang and low-military tech styling. Lovely!

Hope you like him - he's got about twenty-five mates and a dreadnought who will eventually join him and I'm sticking with this style.



  1. Proper pros. None of this. Size of a giant scale creep.

    1. Erm... thank you? I fear your phone has been "helping" you.