9 October 2017

Weekend catchup

The overlap between oldhammer and being (or expecting to be soon) a parent of young children was pretty clearly shown yesterday when I posted the picture below from my weekend prepping my recently acquired Space Ork Raiders set (RTB02, I think) and got well over a hundred likes/comments. I guess that puts the majority of online oldhammerers in the late twenties to mid forties bracket...

Anyway, that's the older boy being introduced to batch painting, black coffee, and Black Sabbath. A great time was had by both of us. He made some progress on the squad of kroot that I didn't remember acquiring but that he will use in his school 40k lunchtime club, and I got this far:

The mould lines on these were an absolute nightmare, though. I got most of them, but some of the lines down the faces proved beyond my skill/patience to remove completely. Or at least I felt I'd remove their faces in doing so. I guess I'll have to try to hide them with some paint, and it will stop me being lazy with ink washes and do some layering the proper way!

A brief spell in front of the telly later got me to the first coat of skin on the greenskins:

So, it seems I'm doing Orctober and the challenge aspect has got me painting again. About time I left work and tried to fit another stint in this evening. I do love painting orcs/orks.



  1. Would you mind sharing your Orc skin recipie?
    Oh Black Sabbath a necessity as well as the first 3 Blue Oyster Cult Albums and their live ETI double album. Then some Motorhead and the first Metallica album. the child will be a set for life.

    1. He wasn't that impressed by Sabbath (maybe I should have gone for Paranoid rather than War Pigs?), but enjoyed Dio's Holy Diver and Metallica's Master of Puppets album. He already knows Don't fear the reaper and the live version of Veteran of the Psychic Wars (best guitar solo EVER). He'll get there!

      As for the ork skin: grey spray undercoat, generous black wash (Army Painter dark tone ink, but I used to use GW's Badab Black until it went oop, I guess Nuln Oil is the same stuff?), then Foundry's Moss triad (number 29 in their series). I generally also include a wash of the middle paint and matt medium if I've made the highlights too stark. Moss is possibly my favourite of the Foundry paints, although I'd quite like to pick up the Drab triad and have a go with that for variation.

  2. Master of Puppets - not listened to that in years! Might have to try my lad out on his Battlemasters set some day...

    The Raiders are looking good - hoping to have a go at this set myself this Orctober once I've finished their wheels. Moss does look good on them too. I'm now torn between my usual Goblin Green with yellow highlights and a more desaturated look!

    1. Thanks Steve :) That battlewagon you're building is the absolute danglies and I cant wait to see it painted.