7 February 2009

Blood Bowl is back!

Our local BB (that's Blood Bowl to the uninitiated - a sort of fantasy races rugby or yankee football) league is about to kick off its new season. Actually, we have two; one in which you can play whoever, whenever, and one in which we all try to get together at someone's house and play all day about once every two months. It's that second league that's just about to restart. Frustratingly, I'm going to miss the first day of games as it's my mother's 60th birthday, but that hasn't stopped me getting excited about it as well.

The most exciting part of it all, in painting terms, is that Mike has commissioned me to paint him an orc team based on The Gouged Eye team mentioned in the 'fluff'. Now, you mustn't let the fact that he lost an eye (yes, I know, ironic choice of theme for his team!) make you think he's so desperate for someone with depth perception that he'll take even my painting; he assures me it's because he likes it, which is very flattering.

Anyway, I'm determined to do as good a job as I can, and have already finished the star player for the team, Varag Ghoulchewer (who comes up with these names, eh? As if our hobbies didn't sound geeky enough...). I'm pretty pleased with it, and I hope you believe me that it's my poor photography that makes it look like it's been dunked in yacht varnish.

I really struggle with getting good photos of miniatures, I end up having to faff around with the brightness and contrast in Photoshop which makes them look really glossy and steals the top highlight and bottom shade. I think it's because I don't have enough light on my painting desk - more on that in a week or two, I hope - suffice to say that my wife is a pearl beyond price!


  1. Ah BloodBowl, a game I've never tried but want to - maybe I can talk the kids into it...

    Looking forward to seeing your finished Impetus armies!


  2. Hi Greg - nice to know someone is actually reading this blog!

    Bloodbowl is a GREAT game, lots of chance/luck to get in the way of your careful plans.

    I think it might take a while for me to get those Impetus armies finished as I keep getting distracted. This week I keep looking at wild west miniatures... Oh, and you really should use Impetus for your Tékumel project - have a look at http://impetus.forumsland.com/index.php?sid=f20cf8b01b1d96d0017d87bc17b1d3b5&mforum=impetus where some chaps are working up a really decent fantasy mod for the game with support from the author.

    Happy gaming,