26 February 2009


Having resigned myself to missing out on the new BB season opener to go to Mum's 60th (which was great and she really enjoyed it), I was geekily rewarded. She and Dad gave me a bin bag of my old gaming stuff from the loft that had been up there for over ten years. It was full of nostalgic gaming treasure from the early '90s:

- Talisman (main game plus four expansions)
- TSR's War of the Ring (the one with millions of tiny card counters and the massive map of Middle Earth)
- 4th Edition Warhammer and Battle Magic (pretty much pristine and complete except for the miniatures)
- some early '90s dwarfs, including a few cannons and two gyrocopters
- a D&D starter box from about 1990
- and (my favourite!) Man O' War (again pristine but without the starter ships)
- seven Dwarf ships for MOW

My wife was fairly kind in how little she laughed at me in my unrestrained boyish delight. Now I just have to decide whether it all goes on Ebay, as I have no storage space or finances for another gaming system. Although selling MOW would be a wrench....

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