10 February 2009

Ah-harr, pardner!

So, there's this friend of mine, Chris, who basically lured me back into gaming a few years back after a decade or so on the wagon. Anyway, he's usually the one to find new projects that he tries to get us involved in, and yes, I'm usually the first to submit (which is why I have a bunch of Aeronautica Imperialis planes sitting half-painted in a box somewhere). He has been trying to get games of Legends of the High Seas going - "It's only a few miniatures", "Pirates are cool", "You can borrow my figures to begin with". I swear he'd have been a fantastic crack-dealer in another life!

With a few extra quid in my pocket this month, and with a bunch of stuff about to get flogged on ebay, I thought I'd take a look at the Warhammer Historical site and see what the fuss was about. Looks ok. So I had a look at the Black Scorpion site as I'd heard they make nice pirates. Big mistake. They do make nice pirates, but they also make luvverly cowboys, varmints and lawmen. Instantly I think "If I get some gunslingers and Legends of the Old West as well as the pirates I won't have to pay shipping; that would save me money!"

"Hi, my name is Rab, and I'm a miniatures addict...."

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