19 February 2009

Finally - dice rolling in 2009!

Woohoo! I got my first games of 2009 in today over at Chris' place. His wife and baby were away so Malc and I went over for a few hours for a bit of BloodBowl. We actually played a variant called StreetBowl which I'd heard of but never played before. It's a streamlined version of the game with fewer players on a smaller pitch, set in the narrow alleyways of a crowded city rather than a proper stadium. The random events of the game are a little more low rent and humourous - we had three kick-offs during the day that were interrupted by donkeys runnning through the line of scrimmage!

Game 1:

This was me against Chris (I'm at the near end with my Nurgle team against his Humans). We were (okay, I was) a little slow getting on top of all the little differences with the usual game, but the increased level of anarchy and violence was entertaining. It ended with me snatching a last minute equaliser with Chris' team reduced to a mere three - the others either having been injured or snuck off to the local tavern (no, really!).

Game 2:

Here's Malc's Lizardmen team in all their purple glory. A combination of heavy-hitting from the larger ones and incredible dodging ability from the little ones (and a small imbalance in dice rolling) led to my team rolling over for a soft 1-0 defeat. I was very good and only sulked a little bit.

Game 3:

Malc and Chris faced off. I was kinda distracted during this game reading through Chris' Legends of the High Seas rulebook and planning a Naval crew, but I think it ended with Chris delivering a bit of a kicking to Malc. Served him right :)

Game 4:

Me and Chris again. We were playing a bit quicker by this point, and the game became a lot more violent. This was partly due to some extremely jammy dice rolling from yours truly, but also because we were getting the hang of lining opposing players up for a good smash against the alleyway walls. Like I said, my dice were good, and it was a bit one-sided (although games against Chris are never that one-sided as he's quite the veteran). Full time saw me win 2-0, having caused twice as many Casualties (not a random capitalisation, an in-game term) as him.

All in all, a good fun day's gaming. Nice to be doing more social geeking again.

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