23 May 2014

BOYLing goats

Not much in the way of hobby activity for me in the last week or so, so my apologies to those of you whose lives have been empty without a blog update from me. What can I say? There've been reports to write, exams to prep students for, and the sun has been shining so I've been in the garden building a raised bed (for soft fruits, if you're interested) and a chicken run.

This afternoon, though, I had an unexpected little while to myself and had a splash of inspiration - a possible design for one face of a d6 that could be a fun little memento of the Oldhammer weekend in August, BOYL 2014. For some reason, goats seem to have become the totem animal of the Oldhammer forum (I think Chico may be a were-goat), so that had to go in. As for the typeface, I turned to the font of all knowledge (see what I did there? Eh? Geddit?), Zhu, and used Bocklin for a proper old-school feel. He was quite right to suggest that I should use all capitals so here is my second attempt:

People seemed to like it, and Chico even wants to put it on a t-shirt. This is a gaming t-shirt we're talking about here, so naturally it will be black. I found a quick way to invert the image and here's what Chico made it look like as a mock-up:


And in pride of place on the t-shirt

This image started as a bit of a joke, but it ended up as something that I (and, gratifyingly, at least a couple of others) rather like. I've exchanged an email or two with a custom dice company and may even get some made up for BOYL if there is sufficient interest and the image can be made to work for dice; I'd rather go with laser-etched than printed as it lasts longer but has image constraints.

I'd like to pretend I'm back off to my painting desk now but I always reckon that if I'm over the limit to drive, I should leave my paintbrushes alone!



  1. Goat dice seem like a great idea, although I don't know how well the text will read at such a small size. Great design though!

    1. I think the 2014 will be fine, but the "bring out your lead" may suffer... I guess I'll get a sample and see.