8 May 2014

"Orcs, sir, fahsands of 'em"

I defy any gamer of any period that can possibly include a castle or fortified structure to honestly say they've never wished to game a siege properly. Look at the medieval manuscript below: bows, crossbows, defenders heroically sallying forth (or perhaps desperately holding the breach against a forlorn hope), even the kitchen sink! Well, ok, it's a big pot, but you get the idea.

I'm going to get to do just this thanks to the ambitious plans of Thantsants. He's got together a couple of the old Mighty Fortress sets, oodles of orcs and a few opportunistic chaos warbands to attack it and ravage the surrounding countryside. Facing down the dreadful menace will be a ragtag band of dwarves, halflings and noble knights (that's me, that is!). Throw in a few cannon, giants, wyverns and a group of enthusiastic man-children on a weekend pass in the sparkly new surroundings of the new Foundry HQ and it all adds up to the potential to be the Best Game Ever.

I'm a little bit excited about this. *cough* geek *cough*

This is the picture that orc warlord Thantsants ensnared me with. How could I resist?

Actually, this (and exam season marking) is why May has been a quiet posting month for the Digest - I've been using my hobby time to actually paint. First up are some hand gunners (1 done, 4 nearly done, 5 more basecoated), then some foot knights (yes, this is my How to Do Oldhammer group), two cannon, then either more foot knights or a few mounted chappies ready to face down the uncountable hordes of Zulus greenskins. I'd better get back to it!

The thread with all the background and such is over at the Oldhammer Forum.



  1. Wish I could go. As with last year it's a toss up between either attending this or gigs and the latter tend to win out unfortunately. That it's a fair old trek doesn't help much either. I'm relying on you to get some good photos Rab! In the meantime get painting!

    1. Sir, yes sir!

      Shame you can't make it. One day, eh?

  2. Opportunistic Chaos Warband reporting for duty! I'm going to have a vast amount of painting to do to get ready for this, but it's a good motivator. Should be a cracking battle!

    1. You and me both! I've got heaps of painting to do to have any chance of participating in a meaningful way... But if this doesn't motivate me, nothing will!