6 May 2014

Liebst Du mich?

Well, it appears that some of you do, and Whiskey Priest has shared a bit of that love by Liebstering me. Quite a few blogs are getting that nice little pat on the back of approval, and rightly so; blogging can be a terribly draining activity, all that me-me-me..... ;)

Anyway, it seems to have changed a bit since the last time I was nominated, and there are apparently Questions To Be Answered.

1. Where would you rather be right now.

Here's pretty good, thanks.

2. What would your last meal on earth be?
I love so many cuisines... For sentimental value, though, it would probably involve my wife's roasted vegetable lasagne or her aubergine parmiggana. Mmmm, so good. A decent, creamy red to go with it and a walnut oil and balsamic vinegar drizzled salad from my veg patch.

3. What is the best meal you cook?
I make a pretty fine chestnut pate-en-croute and my mucho-macha-nachos are always well received.

4. Do you lie to your other half about how much you spend on your hobby?
No, we don't talk about it. It makes it easier that we organise our finances so that all our income and outgoings come from one account, and our guilt-free allowance goes into our own personal accounts. I can spend all of that on toy soldiers, dark chocolate and dark beer, if I choose. There are, of course, raised eyebrows at the packages that arrive from ebay...

5. What would you have written on your grave stone?

"A good man"

6. Which place on earth do you want to visit the most?

A bit of a cheat, but I'd love to follow the route of the Odyssey in a yacht

7. Which invention do you wish you were responsible for?


8. When did you realise that you were old?

When an ex-student of mine became a colleague

9. Who would you leave all your miniatures to?

My sons, but antipixi and dpwright could have a rummage first

10. If you could commision a range of figures what would they be?

Probably kids TV related. Ulysses31? Dogtanian?

11. Top 5 Sci-fi films

Star Wars (A New Hope), Silent Running, Blade Runner, District 9, Solaris

Well, there you go, may it enlighten you all! In other news, my Crooked Claw pledge arrived from their Indiegogo campaign today and they're top quality Kev Adams sculpts and clean castings. More on that in another post. For now, it's back to the painting table - a hard life!



  1. Great taste in Sci-fi there Rab. The Odyssesy by yacht would be muchos fun too!

    I got my Crooked Claw Gobbo's yesterday and was equally impressed.

    1. Thanks. Obviously I'd be trying to complete my little boat trip in under ten years, and hope not to have all my crewmates slaughtered in diverse fashions...