24 June 2014

A spot more recruitment

Blimey it's quiet around here! Almost as though every single waking moment recently has been filled with work (boo!) and family things (yay!)...

Still, I put the finishing touches to my unit of handgunners for Whiskey Priest's "How to do Oldhammer" challenge, the Muster challenge, and the "oh dear, I need some painted figures for BOYL" challenge. Triple use, so I reckon that makes them worth thirty figures, right? Suit yourself.

Here's a pretty crappy phone photo as proof:

Bases will be flocked all in one go with the other figures I'm working on, some of which you can see in the background.

The other unit for WP's challenge (two units of ten figures using cheap or easily available figures - the handgunners are all reissued via Foundry, as are most of the knights except for two Black Tree Design fellows which are more early 90s than late 80s scale, so a little chunkier) is the knights. I'm actually going to make a unit of fourteen to take to BOYL with me. Nine fully painted, just needing the banner bearer to be finished to make ten, and another four ready for the brush.

You can see a couple of later GW knights behind them - these will (eventually) be the champions for two units of polearm-wielding liveried retainers.

The plan for BOYL, then, is as follows. (painted/unpainted):

2 wizards (2/0)
1 unit of 10 handgunners (10/0)
1 unit of 14 foot knights (9/5)
1 cannon (1/0) and 3 crew (0/3)
1 unit of 16 peasants (2/14)
1 unit of a knight (1/0) leading 14 polearms (4/10)
1 unit of a knight (1/0) leading 14 polearms (0/14)

They're listed in order of priority for me, but that gives a total of 22 that I definitely want done in time, with a further twenty four that I'd really like to get done in time. In six weeks. Bugger!



  1. I'm in the middle of a similar endeavor myself. I found the lead up to BOYL13 to be a very productive time. Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing them on the day.

    1. Thanks Erny - I hope I'll be as productive as I plan to be!

  2. I have to paint:
    5 x cultists
    5 x bandits
    2 x magus
    1 x beast of Nurgle
    1 x scorcerer
    1 x chaos spawn (including conversion)
    1 x vehicle
    6 x underhivers
    2 x Sensei followers

    OMG! I wish I hadn't listed them now!!!

    1. That's only twenty-four, a mere four per week - get your finger out, man!