16 June 2014

Keeping myself a-moo-sed

I'm afraid that's the only pun I've got for you today, comedy fans, but I do have a spot of painting progress to report.

First up, some dirty old cows:

I went for a Jersy/Guernsey style as I thought it would be quick. It would have been if I hadn't spilled black ink across them and had to start again - curses! Still, despite a rapid repair job, they should do the job as set-dressing and objective markers. I have some pigs, sheep, chickens and a couple more cows to paint up if there's time before August. Oh, and a pair of goats, of course!

My painting approach of late has been to have about ten figures in various states of completion and to pick a colour I want to use and apply it to each model as appropriate. It has kept me going through a mini dry patch, but hasn't led to much actually getting finished. Fortunately, the random colour choices tonight have meant these two fine fellows just need shields and grassy tufts on their bases to be battle ready, and I intend to do all my basing in one go once the unit is all done. I have one more nearly done knight and a banner bearer to get to my ten figures for both BOYL and the How to Start Oldhammer project. Then it's peasant time!

Hmm, a little blurry; sorry about that.

Both the knights and the peasants to come are mostly Foundry reissues of the Feudal range from GW back in the 80s, with the odd original thrown in courtesy of ebay.

And now to bed,

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