4 June 2014


I got two great parcels in the post today, one was lovely lead from phreedh, and the other was the sample for the BOYL dice. I have to say, I'm quite pleased with them!

From left to right we have: 22mm BOYL dice, 16mm BOYL dice and 16mm NAF membership dice (this is the same size as the standard Blood Bowl block dice), and then finally your bog standard 12mm wargame dice. This is the sort/size that come in GW games and most others I have no doubt. If you need another size reference, I think the middle dice (16mm) is the size of SAGA dice as well.

I'm going to start a sign up thread on the Oldhammer forum (and probably the FB page) to sort out order quantities. Speaking of which, there is a minimum order of 25 per size but with the first two orders in I'm already up to sixteen small and three large, with another two or three probables. I reckon I'll be ordering a fairly hefty pack of dice in the near future! Such fun!

Anyway, this blog is all about me and my lead pile, so let's get back to that. Basically, it has grown again, but they were so lovely I couldn't resist...

A parcel, with a parcel inside ...

... with another parcel inside ...

But then such goodness!

So, that's a Night Horrors Imp and a Ratman who will join my slowly growing beastman herd, five Grenadier (Julie Guthrie sculpts?) minotaurs who will do double service as beastmen as well if the need arises. And the big scaly chap? Oh, that's the Orc's Drift preslotta wyvern and rider. I've wanted that for ages.

Happy chappy? Me? Oh yes.


  1. Happy to oblige mate! I never thought my cheap packaging would get a nun boxing treatment. Oh auto correct how I love you. :D I meant unboxing of course. :)

    1. Nun boxing, eh? Now THAT'S a specialist sport if ever I heard one ;)