5 April 2015

An hour (and no more)

Second time round I managed it! A 28mm figure, from undercoat to finished in one hour*. Hurrah for me!

The boys chose painting when given free reign for a craft activity this afternoon so, once they were settled, I put the countdown timer on my phone and went for it. Another goblin archer to join his slightly less speedily completed colleague, also from Crooked Claw and sculpted by Kev "Goblinmaster" Adams. Having met him briefly at BOYL last year, the more I paint his CC goblins, the more I am convinced that they are goblinoid self-potraits!

This time I went for the Moss triad (Foundry paints, as per usual) as the skin. I think it might be my favourite set they produce and worked well for the orcs I painted back in Orctober. I also avoided any washes until the last layer to tie things together which sped me up.

As with most figures I finish, there's usually a bit (in this cast the fur around the top of the quiver, and defining the edge of his hand around the grip on the bow) that I think "Oh, I'll go back and fix that". I rarely get round to it!

I've set this post to appear tomorrow automatically as I shall be offline celebrating Easter in all its liturgical glory so, despite the incongruity of it coming at the end of a post about little monsters, I'd like to wish all you readers a joyful Easter,


* the exact time was one hour, four minutes and forty-nine seconds, but that does include feeding the cat and re-explaining brush technique to a seven year old; I'm going to claim I did it in the hour!


  1. he looks amazing for a 1 hour mini.

    very well done sir!

    1. Thank you, Darren, I am rather pleased with him.

  2. 1 hour? Very impressive!

    1. Cheers, Phil - having the countdown timer next to me really focussed my attention and made me realise how much time I waste faffing while painting. Sometimes that's part of the luxury of doing something creative but entirely inconsequential, but sometimes it's just wasted time. Worth a try!