10 April 2015


The sun is shining, the neighbourhood is quiet, my marking is all completed, as are all the DIY jobs I planned to do this fortnight. Life is good! The only downside is that I haven't been able to organise any gaming time due to (enjoyable) family commitments, but to make up for this I have been getting a good bit of painting done.

I posted last week about the "one hour challenge" and my enjoyment of the focus it inspired, along with my surprise at how well the figures turned out. I've tried to keep hold of some of that "just get on with it" mentality for my evening painting in front of a film or suchlike with my wife. I say some of that focus because, for me at least, getting a miniature finished in an hour took total concentration. Which isn't very sociable! Nevertheless, I've now painted all the goblin archers ("stickas" in WFB 3rd Armies nomenclature) that I own. They are all from Kev Adams sculpts from Crooked Claw and include the two that were part of their most recent crowdfunder (the two on the right in the picture below). When I've made a more significant dent in the heap of unpainted lead I've accumulated, I'll either wait for more archers from them, or expand the unit by picking up some of the other post-GW sculpts that Kev has done - I don't want any duplicate sculpts, that would just feel wrong for a horde of gobbos!

So, pictures...

I rather like the variation in size of the sculpts, a nice nod towards a Froudian mentality for goblins
 And then in close up...

I like the way the boss seems to be leaning over and saying "Oi, Snotrot, shoot dat wun wiv der poncy 'at!"

Typical Adams subversiveness with the gobbo on the right - he must have seen lowly archers defeating Bretonnian knights at some point in the past. And what a huge bogey!

Those seven, along with the two hounds and final three beastmen, bring my total for this holiday fortnight up to twelve - as many as I'd painted this year so far! Now, while I'm feeling bold, that giant looks like he could do with a spot more paint....

Enjoy the sun (unless you're Blue in VT, in which case, enjoy the snow),



  1. Great sculpts and nice brushwork I particularly like the boogie Gobbo. Kudos for not painting them all green!

    1. They really are fabulous little sculpts, 24_C, full of character. I was tempted to do them all in the green of the chap on the left of the group shot, but I'm glad I went for a more varied approach. The only shade I'm not keen on is the second from right, but that might be partly because I think it's the least interesting model of the set.

  2. Beautiful minis, I do like the faces, very impressive!

    1. Kev's goblins have such expressive faces that even a tabletop painter like me can get them looking pretty good without weeping blood over it!