6 April 2015

Stuff from the interwebz #7 - bood wargames

Every now and again, a crowdfunder comes along when I think "wow!" - but usually my inner Scrooge steps in and stops me from indulging. Or I catch sight of the, by my standards, large pile of unpainted lead in my basement and the cold hand of restraint firmly clutches the purse-strings closed. Fantasy cavalry tends to overcome both these purchasing blocks. There was the Crooked Claw indiegogo for their wolf riders, and now there are dwarfs on ponies from Bood Wargames (no, I'd never heard of them before either!).

Photo taken from their website

Bood wargames seems to be a one-man outfit from France who is going to run an Indiegogo in May to fund production of dwarfs in the style of my favourites - the Imperial Dwarfs sculpted by the Perry twins back in the late 80s

Thank you SOLegneds!

I have a nice bunch of these waiting for some loving attention from the sable wands. 

If White Knight had gone medieval rather than early renaissance with his venture I'd have more dwarf cavalry than I could afford already (honestly, follow that link and scroll down - simply lovely!), but alas, no. Fortunately Bood may have come to my dwarfs' rescue with a bit of extra horse ponypower and thundering hooves.

Here are a few of Bood's infantry as well, which should swell the ranks nicely, especially if they are multipart as they look to be. If, that is, my inner Scrooge and guilty restraint don't get in the way again!

Hope you're enjoying your bank holiday,


  1. Oh my god, they're friggin' AWESOME..........................................

    1. Aren't they? I wants them, my precioussss!