1 April 2015

The costs of gaming - March 2015

After a rather abstemious start to the year, when I naively entertained hope that I might keep my net gaming expenditure to under £150, I got rather carried away this month...

Jan 2015  -  £0.00 (0/0/0)
Feb 2015  -  £24.99 (5/5/0)

Mar 2015

  • BOUGHT - pair of old pink horrors (Oldhammer trading FB page) - £8.00
  • BOUGHT - Olley Ogryn (ebay) - £8.61
  • BOUGHT - seven Future Skirmish figures to use in Necromunda (Forlorn Hope Games) -  £10.50
  • BOUGHT - three chaos dwarfs, a sorcerer, two aliens, four bitey little monsters, and some bird heads (CP Models) - £19.00
  • TOTAL for March - £46.11   (20/7/-13)

Total net. expenditure for 2015 to date     = £71.10
Remaining planned expenditure for 2015 = £78.90

I also thought I'd add in something similar to the LAF lead-hoarders vow, recording the number of figures purchased versus the number painted, which is what the numbers in brackets after each month's total represents - (purchased/painted/net total for the month). So, here you go:

Figures purchased in 2015  = 25
Of which, painted to date    = 0
Total no. figures painted     = 12

Net. hoarding status = -13

Hmm, not such positive numbers. I hope I'll get some green numbers up there soon, for the painting and hoarding at least!



  1. Heh I would keep track but It'll more then likly just make me cry at the cost spent... :-/

    1. Making these lists has probably saved me about fifty quid so far this year - a little mental reminder to take not, rather than just give in to the magpie "ohh, shiny" impulse and just bung them into the lead pile. Having said that, Alternative Armies have a free post offer going on and I do fancy picking up their barbarians to use as chaos thugs....

    2. Yeah but you can't take it with you, more toys I say..

      That said I've had a more frugal March so perhaps there is something in what you say.

  2. That's what you get for being abstemious! The Oldhammer trading FB page is bloody lethal and I tend to stay away these days, unless I specifically want something. I managed to get the C29 Manticore and Complete Adventurer from there earlier in the year, which was nice.

    1. Too true! Good work on the manticore, I'll almost certainly pick one up eventually. I might not even have lasted a day into April, either, as it turns out (via a watched ebay listing) that a chap in the next village is selling off goblin artillery "and some other old figures" from the 80s. I've sent him a message...