31 October 2015

"It's all true"

Oh my, how exciting is the new Star Wars trailer? The first new films set in a galaxy far, far away since 1983...

As a warm up, the two Academy Pilots and I had a dogfight through an asteroid field. I had Han Solo flying the Millennium Falcon, with Chewie as co-pilot. They had five Ties between them, split into two flights (one of three Black Squadron pilots, one of two Obsidian Squadron). This gave them 61 points and me 51 points - a reasonable handicap as it would turn out. I had to collect three containers using the Steal action before leaving from my starting corner without being destroyed. To keep them interested, we decided that if all their own squadron was destroyed, they'd get two back at their original entry point as reinforcements.

Piloting was difficult (we had two starter sets worth of 'roids), and it was the first time I'd flown the Falcon, usually being relegated to the role of faceless baddies being vaporised by the named heroes of the Rebel Alliance. That big base makes skipping around obstacles rather tricky and I was rather embarrassingly grounded a couple of times.

"Alright, Chewie, pun...." *fizz* *crackle* 

The handicap proved perfect, with only some expert and self-sacrificial flying from the sole survivor of Black Sqdn allowing the last Black Sqdn pilot to get the final shot required to blow the old girl to pieces.

Some good flying from the little tykes, over what was quite a long game, including a couple of really neat pincer movements. Next time's handicap will be smaller....

From reggiestake.com

May the force be with you,


  1. when you going to see the film???

    1. As soon as I can! Realistically, probably around New Year.

    2. well I have a spare ticket on the 18th at 2.40 (good excuse to miss the xmas lunch!!) if you free and want to go....Rachel cant make it now.

  2. Those are some really nice pics of your game. They capture the feeling of Xwing really well. Sounds like you had a good game. I'm glad you're learnin' the tykes early!