29 October 2015

Thursday roundup

Yeah, Thursday roundup! It's definitely a thing. Here goes...

This week I have:
  • played Keys to the Kingdom once (escaped but wasn't the player with the Key)
  • played three games of Hurry'Cup (a win and two 3rd places)
  • become a patreon! Specifically, I've dropped a few copper pieces into the online hats of two very creative chappies, Dyson Logos and Matt Jackson

  • started to learn to use watercolours
  • written one-page DM summaries for two major deities (one which the players don't know about yet muahahaa!) and one now-minor deity
  • written a one-page DM/player summary for the big town that will prove... important in our campaign
  • started a map of said town

  • not painted any miniatures or played the next episode of Knights' Quest - can't do it all, I guess!

I hope your half-term holiday offspring aren't being as mental as mine,

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