29 March 2009

Team (very small) update

Okay, not so much an update on more painting, but slightly better photos:

Real life, plus a bit of geeking

Been quiet on here for several days for a whole raft of reasons: work, ebaying a bunch of stuff, my wife's birthday (lots of chef-ing gained me many brownie points), and some 1:1 scale construction -

The peaked frame you can see buried at the back of my landlord's untidy barn will soon be a palatial residence for some ex-battery hens that we're getting just after Easter. Eggs/Easter, it all seems pretty apt. I'd also be a smallholder if it were financially viable, so this is at least a step in that direction!

In amongst all that more important stuff, I've also managed to finish off Mike's Trollslayer miniature that he needs for the BloodBowl Grand Tournament in May. It's being held at GW's fascist looking headquarters (all those giant eagles!), and they're pretty unforgiving if you use any other company's miniatures, so I painted this up to fill the spiked 28mm boots of his usual, (gasp!) non-GW positional player.

I'm pretty pleased with him, and using the new lamp has given me plenty more light to take the photo with. I think it's an improvement, but my photos still aren't quite what I'm after; perhaps I will have to make a light-box after all. He's standing on the beginning of the other thing that's been getting in the way of my painting - the start of my town buildings for Legends of the Old West. I'm basically using the method shown at Gugnir's site, along with inspiration from Geektactica, and Imelda. I've got the first floor/base built and will be getting started on the walls as soon as I finish this post.

5 March 2009

Love is a magnifier light

As alluded to at the end of a previous entry, I've got a new light:

It was my Valentine's Day present. None of your overpriced set-menus or cliched roses - a present with real affection, especially as now my dear lady will be in danger of becoming a painting widow again.

Hopefully it will also give me the eextra light needed to take some decent photos. I used it to snap some shots of the OOP early '90s warhammer dwarfs from my parents' attic to illustrate my ebay auctions. Why not check them out for a bargain. And to help me fund the Old West project that is taking shape?