25 March 2014

There can be only one winner

No, this is not pre-game smack-talk as the next games day for my chaos warband draws closer, but rather the distressed cry (with proper hot tears) of my tired four year old at the end of our first ever game of "Key to the Kingdom" this evening.

Not waving but drowning

Too much marking, not enough time for geeking. Sadness....

13 March 2014

Back in Blighty

Salve, amica!

No geeking for the last week or so because I've been leading my first school trip abroad. The wonders of ancient Rome was our target, and we did pretty well - four cities and a volcano in five days. I am officially broken!



Dome of the Pantheon

Temples at Paestum

Street in Pompeii

Temple of the Augustales in Herculaneum

The top of Vesuvius; can you spot the whisps of smoke?

3 March 2014


Nope, not Giger face-hugger types or their imitators *cough*genestealers*cough*, but some new and shiny sculpts cast before us all as an Indiegogo project. These are from the talented putty-pushing fingers of Pierre-Francois Jacquet ("PF" online) who has been whipping up a delightfully motley band of non-humans in moderate carapace armour and blasters. It's almost as if he set out to produce a Rogue Trader pirate band...

It's almost enough to tip me over into sci-fi, along with the fun that is obviously being had by other Oldhammerers when they swap their shields and hand weapons for bolters and lasguns (Erny and Whiskey Priest, I'm looking at you!).


They're multi-part with two alternate heads per model for maximum flexibility

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