Deadcember 17

It's that time of year again for the unhallowed to creep from their graves and lairs into the cold light of the shortened days...

Here are the entries for Deadcember 2017 (with prizes from Ral Partha Europe - thanks fellas!). You can also see discussion and works in progress over at this thread on the Oldhammer Forum.

1) Iain Harrison
A Nick Lund sculpt for Grenadier.



2) Gareth Shaw
A 1982 Necromancer with skull by Ral Partha.

3) Stuart Bannister
A converted GW Plague Cart that's gone all ghostly.

4) Iain Harrison
Another Grenadier "wet-skeleton"

5) Chris Kellahan
Liche queen on zombie unicorn (Bears Head Miniatures)

6) Roger Duthie
Undead champion (Northstar)

7) Jani Kortesluoma
A dead elf! Because the only good elf is...

8) Thomas Zero Twentythree
Salvaged 1st generation plastic cavalry

9) Thomas Zero Twentythree
Celtos mounted wraith

10) Thomas Zero Twentythree
2nd generation Citadel plastic skeletons

11) Thomas Zero Twentythree
old Citadel LotR barrow wight and newer Reaper "Bones" character

12) Matt Shearn
The Grenadier undead mammoth - what a monster!

13) Ana Polanscak
A lich converted from an undead lord by Ral Partha.

14) Claudio Caceres
Good ol' Citadel plastic skellies

15) John Robin
Citadel wight

16) Alex Howarth
All the undeads. All of them! I don't quite know if this counts as an entry as per the challenge outline, but there was no way I could not include this massive contribution to the deadcember theme!

17) Chris Kellahan
I'm starting to think that he, Zero Twentythree, and Alex are actually necromancers themselves, the number of undead they are raising painting.

18) Twisted Moon
Because Deadcember would be incomplete without TWO undead mammoths!

19) Iain Harrison
Leesh/litch/leetch? Who cares when they look like this!

20) Michael Dunnage
As he puts it, "not old, but definitely dead!"

You can see all the close-ups at his blog, riotville, but this one is my pick of them:

21) Germinal Solé
The gloriously oldhammer C18 Death Spirit from the Night Horrors range

22) Thomas Zero Twentythree
He's back again! This time with Maurice Dellamorte and his undead commandoes...

23) Thomas Zero Twentythree
...and an undead owlbear! That would really freak out my D&D group!

24) Andrew Dyer
A screaming skull catapult and crew

25) Steven Rowlinson
"Hero Quest Chaos sorcerer reborn as 'Lord Skelephor the Necromancer', plus his minions including an undead giant from the Darkworld board game."

26) Ivan Prentice
"An old broken Citadel C17 Skeleton resurrected, with the aid of modern GW plastic parts."

27) Geoff Solomon-Sims
Terror of the Lichemaster figures 1 - dwarf ex-miners

28) Geoff Solomon-Sims
Terror of the Lichemaster figures 2 - dwarf ex-miners

29) Geoff Solomon-Sims
Terror of the Lichemaster figures 1 - ex-villagers

That's all folks! Thanks to all contributors. Winner to be announced soonish...


  1. Great entries, I particularly like the mammoth!

  2. The Shadespyre minis in entry 20 may not be old, but they are still fantastic! Very nice sculpts and painting! I'm particularly fond of nos. 1 & 13 too.

    Great stuff all around. Looking forward to seeing a few more entries before the month ends.

    1. I'd hoped to reach thirty entries, but the quality is so high that seems downright churlish of me!

  3. Everyone who's entry was better than mine should be disqualified for reasons. 😂

  4. Fantastic set of entries, kicking myself now that I didn't submit my dragon.. Oh well, there's always next year, amd good luck to all the participants!

    1. The pale one? Yes, you should have entered! I'll hold you to next year :)

  5. All fantastic. Well done you lot!

  6. Hi, thanks for the inclusion. I have just got back into the hobby this year after nearly 25 years. Deadcember was a great motivation to give some TCL to poor old models which had been gathering dust for years. Really enjoyed it!

    1. Thank YOU for entering, and I'm glad you enjoyed doing so.

  7. Some lovely stuff on display. Amongst my favourites are Ivan's restoration job, Matt's mammoth and Germinal's Death Spirit. It's gonna be tough calling a winner!

  8. C18 Death Spirit is fun too!

  9. I like them all very much, but I think the best by far is the Ral Partha Necromancer. I should give all the prizes to that clever Gareth fellow who painted him.

    1. I see you found how to do "Anonymous" posting... ;)