19 July 2010

Back... with a win!

Hello again. Life with the (generally wonderful, if somewhat tiring) baby Edmund is now reaching the point of a stable routine, and the geeking may begin again, albeit at an even lower level than usual.

A couple of weeks ago I got a Full Day Pass (!) to go and play silly games. My good friend Chris had organised the second ever Elfball tournament in the UK at a nice pub just down the road, so it would have been rude not to go along. I elected to take Thunder Hammer Dwarves as my team, which I finished painting, oooh, hours before the first dice were due to be rolled. I haven't taken a picture of them myself, yet, but here is one that I found among the photos posted by other attendees:

The team ('The Iron Bruisers') before their first game
Photo by 'spikey'

There was also a beautiful custom board that served as top table for the day's four games:

The day was great fun with plenty of banter (geeking, family, random stuff) and a couple of beers. Even better, I won my first two games which bumped me up to first table, then won game three against Chris (who had a moment of abysmal luck which allowed me to waltz in for the winning score in a very short game). Game four was against Mike from the Swindon lot who came up for the day. He'd won the first tournament and was good. He knew the newly released 2nd Ed. rules better than me and completely flummoxed me at one point with a change I'd not noticed to the Dash rules. Still, I ground it out for a draw........

..... and finished the day as Champion!

A particularly fetching picture of yours truly on the left, there - holding a pose reduces my photogenic-ness even further!

There are further pictures at Dan's album and Spikey's album, and always loads of stuff over at the Impact forum.