7 August 2013

Holiday snaps 4

Corfe castle, ex-royal residence, slighted during the civil war... and reached by STEAM TRAIN. I think the gleeful reaction of the heir and the spare reinforced my opinion that this is pretty much the perfect boys day out. Brilliant!

5 August 2013

Holiday snaps 3

More neolithic marvels today - this time, Avebury ring. Apart from the undeniable impressiveness of the size of the stones, and the no-tech of those who built the henge and erected the stones, I was amazed at how much of the village is within the circle... and an A road goes right across it. I couldn't help thinking this might make a great scenario setting for Gareth the Grot's witchfinder escapades: what foul things, real or imagined, might creep across from faeire to torment and beguile the locals foolish enough to believe they could stamp out the old ways with a fancy new house and grazing their sheep in between the stones?

4 August 2013

Holiday snaps 2

On to Winchester, and the majestic Round Table made during the reign of Edward I. Of course, I like to believe that it really is the table around which sat those paragons of chivalry: Percival, Gawain, Bedivere, Lancelot, Bors, Gaheris, Galahad, Kay, Arthur himself...