31 March 2016

It begins...

Unexpectedly, the boys have opted to watch a film (Fantastic Mr Fox, if that's important to you), and the delightful Mrs Rab has chosen to join them. Good, wholesome, family fun.

And it leaves me free to start world-building in the cellar games room :)

I'll talk more about plans etc. in a later post (not wasting time now!), but here's the start...

While I'm at it, I also installed a new light so that next time antipixi comes over to play, he won't go half blind squinting in the darkness...

Right, wish me luck!

[KQ] The caverns of calamity! (Part 2)

Last time we left our heroes deep under the Dragon's Tail mountains, battling their way through the assorted goblinoid gangs and stranger beasts that had made their homes in...


Our soundtrack for this session was a mix of the hilarious EPICNESS
of Gloryhammer, and the more atmospheric strains of the Myst 3 incidental tracks

27 March 2016

[BB] Rats vs Pact, 1st half

Good afternoon, holiday sports fans, and do we have a match for you today! Ain't that right, Jim?

Sure is, Bob, and made all the sweeter by the sponsor's of our match, Starblock's coffee - make sure you try it with their seasonal Eostran chocolatl syrup before the halflings get it all.

I always forget your sweet tooth, Jim, but back to the sweet sight of two teams of homicidal sportscreatures tearing each other apart for an inflated pig's bladder and a moment of glory. The Rats have the speed, but they're an inexperienced team; the Pact are wilier but I've heard that their training sessions are still full of the individualism that plagued them all last season. Which way is it going to go?

I'm not sure, Bob, but I've a fresh cup of coffee, the sun is shining... and there's the whistle. We're off!

20 March 2016

First blood (bowl)

If ever there was a weekend to introduce my boys to BloodBowl, the one on which England take their thirteenth Grand Slam has to be it!

5 March 2016

Averaigne campaign - session 09

[The story so far]

Session 09 - A truly 'noble' nobleman

Rising early, and keen to put the smouldering remains of the gnolls behind them, our heroes rode quickly westwards along the main road. It was quiet and a couple of hours passed before they heard the clatter of hooves ahead and saw some dust rising. Cautious after their encounter the previous night, they nevertheless decided that such brazen travel would most likely be men who had legitimate business and carried on until they met them riding in the opposite direction.

1 March 2016

[GS Review] February

So, how is the 2016 campaign going? February has been a more productive month :)

The overview:

The pictures: