20 December 2016

Karr-Keel zombie update

Here are those zombies freshly cast in lovely metal. You know you want to buy some, both for yourself, but also so that enough are ordered that it is 11 or 12 in a set, not "just" ten.

Those contact details are either in my last post, or directly at this facebook link.

17 December 2016

The zombies of Karr-Keel

There's this American chap (let's call him Brian, because that's his name) who turned forty at the start of this year. Aside from general, broad-spectrum satisfaction that a, by all accounts, decent fellow had reached that particular milestone, we fantasy gamers should be especially celebratory. Why? Because instead of a dodgy haircut and a motorbike he chose, as his present, to commission a set of zombies by Kev Adams and is now making them available for sale to the rest of us. Nice!

Here they are:

And then a couple of close-ups:

14 December 2016


So, we're about halfway through the annual painting event that, by way of a slightly laboured pun, celebrates the bony and the bloody, the revenant-king and the mindless minion alike.

This year I suggested the theme of "the quick and the dead" and, while not everyone has stuck to the theme, some of the painters have been quick off the mark and finished their entries already. Here's a round up of what we have so far.

From the Oldhammer Community Facebook group:

1) Alexander Ainsworth
From HeroQuest zombie to pirate skeleton; what's not to love?

12 December 2016

Tidying up loose ends

Some people (myself included) like to tidy the house up before Christmas. This year, while washes are drying on those skeleton horses, I've extended that to part-finished and languishing models.

These two have sat on the shelf above my painting desk, nearly finished, since before the summer. It was time to put that right. I don't know what range the first miniature is from, but the second is an Asgard barbarian, "Beasthelm", who has had the edges of his armour greenstuffed over to give him an actual beast head.

11 December 2016

Thug life

What do you get if you make an unholy mixture of evil magicks, Black Friday shoppers, the school dinner queue on the day they serve chips, and hardcore football hooliganism before representing it in miniature form? Why, chaos thugs of course!

Now, Whiskey Priest has written extensively (don't worry, there are pictures too) on this subject already, so I shan't duplicate his efforts even if I have reused the title, but instead show you the start of the dregs of my RoC warband. He's an early Citadel Fighter, but that gurning face called instead for blue skin and a tiger pelt cloak. Obviously.

9 December 2016

Averaigne campaign - session 28

[The story so far]

Session 28 - The tomb of the iron god (viii)
NB - this uses Matt Finch's excellent Tomb of the Iron God module and may contain spoilers.

Fizzing with renewed purpose after Montagne's apparent encounter with the iron god, Ferrus himself, the party set off to ensure their backs wouldn't be exposed before they headed back into the caverns to face the Hunger from the fighter's vision. They hadn't gone far when they heard a high-pitched cound like a squealing cat. As they got closer, Aurelius was able to pick out distinctly goblinesque cackling as well...

5 December 2016

Polyhedrals and Parenting - 2

After the success of my first foray into BFRPG and roleplaying in general with my two protogeeks, we have played twice since. The first of those included defeating a gelatinous cube with fire, large albino carnivorous apes, and a run-in with goblins that nearly got Emrim the thief killed. Very nearly. The two dwarves had limped back to Morgansfort to heal, catching a lift on a cart studded with goblin arrows. As well as cleverly trading their news for a free night's lodging, they cashed in the little treasure they'd found, re-equipped, and got lumbered with a young cleric and taciturn guardsman - both the head of the Watch and the chief cleric of Tah in the fort wanted their own man with the dwarves if they returned to the ruined fort in the river. Rumours of a great hairy beast bringing squabbling goblin tribes together were causing concern, along with several tales of itinerant clerics vanishing.

(Apologies for not referencing pictures - lots unattributed on searches I made)
Emrim (dwarf thief played by MiniRab#1) and Gremdullin (dwarf fighter played by MiniRab#2)

1 December 2016

Table Titans comic and kickstarter

Readers of this blog will not have failed to notice that I've discovered a new/old gaming love - fantasy roleplaying in a D&D early edition style. The nostalgia element is not really a surprise as I like my WFB in 2nd or 3rd ed. flavours, and my miniatures to be about as old as I am.

Thanks to a problem with my addblocker plug-in I got a "recommended post" on FB the other day for Table Titans, a D&D webcomic that is having a kickstarter for a rather swanky dead-tree version (Must. Resist.). I've never been so glad to get an advert in my life. Seriously, go read it, it's free and it's great. It really feels like you're at the gaming table. I love it. Click on the picture below to visit them.


Or go and check out their kickstarter: