20 June 2016

[GS Review] - May

Nearly half way through the year, May was a time for painting more and spending less. My spending even went down!

The overview:

The pictures:

Bloodbowl has been the focus this month and, until I get my team finished, will continue to be the focus of my brush-based geeking.

15 June 2016

Pre-game prepping

As well as needing to get set for Friday's game session, a poll and subsequent discussion on the Swords and Wizardry G+ community about how DMs treat time (specifically combat rounds vs. ordinary turns) got me thinking and sent me scurrying to my books. Turns out I've acquired quite a few, mostly in charity shops, but my trusty old Mentzer "Red Box" is there, along with dice and character sheets from over twenty-five years ago. Between then and last Autumn I hadn't roleplayed at all, but I'm making up for it now. "Participating" in medium-low medieval fantasy is great and my current novel (Robin Hobb's "Royal Assassin" from her Farseer trilogy) is also tickling that spot nicely.

What do you turn to for inspiration when preparing your games, whether they are miniatures-based scenarios or rpg sessions?

Now where did I put my copy of Pendragon....?

14 June 2016

[BB] Rats against Chaos Dwarfs

Despite it being a school-night, I had the house to myself so Malc came round for a game of bloodbowl and to try out the review copy of Deep Cut Studios new "mousemat" bloodbowl pitches. I'll be doing a proper review later on, but you can see it in the photos of our encounter.

Malc brought chaos dwarfs and I thought I'd give my skaven (painted over a decade ago) a run out. We used vanilla teams at 1.1M and Icepelt's LRB6 rulebook.

Ready to go, Malc chose to receive:

11 June 2016

New toys

Despite a spot of digital gaming via fumbbl (snuck in another clean-sheet win against ogres last night thanks to Nuffle hating the poor chap), I'm keeping my geeking as analogue as possible with some D&D yesterday afternoon, and a few toys I ordered last month which arrived yesterday and today.

First, the French Oldhammer day figure arrived from Bruno Galice (of Via Ludibunda miniatures). I think He was responsible for casting them but I'm a little embarrassed that I don't know the sculptor and Nico sculpted him (thanks for the info, airbornegrove). A lovely little chaos dwarf to join the others I'm picking up from various places to form a unit for both Dragon Rampant and my Oldhammer chaos warband.

The other package was a bit more bittersweet. More sweet goblins from the excellent Crooked Claw range of (mostly) Kev Adams sculpts. Bitter, because Michael is closing up shop and these are some of the last there will be... until the range gets a new owner.

I also got a box. What's in the box? Something I've been sent to review! Check me out, internet commentator and everything. Ha! Let's just say it's bloodbowl related, and I'll do a proper post and review at some point over the next week or so.

Leave a comment if you know who sculpted that dwarf,

9 June 2016

The lure of fumbbl

For various reasons (aesthetics, and not having a block of time at home of two hours guaranteed peace and quiet being the main ones), I've always steered clear of fumbbl. This week, however, the thirst for blood bowl was too strong and I've set up the World's Edge Wyverns as a team on there. I've even found time for two games, and won them both - it's almost like they know I'm new and so the dice program is giving me a free first hit of the Good Stuff. Nuffle be praised!

It has reminded me I'm rusty, though, particularly at the league play idea of ensuring SPPs are gathered by the right players, and that I should set up in case of a Blitz (which happened against me), and that fouling to clear the last player (ogre - all the other ogres and snots already gone) off the pitch on turn 16 is less important than scoring the 2nd TD - especially when you fail and get sent off!

Good stuff.

7 June 2016

Averaigne campaign - session 15

[The story so far]

Session 15 - Tragedy and treachery
After a sorrowful hour or so burying their dead comrades, Dumnorix, Jean, and Aurelius saw no option other than to hitch their packs onto their backs and continue to Corcelle - the mission had not changed.

It was early afternoon by the time they drew close to the small forest they had seen, tantalisingly out of reach during the roc's attack, but it gave them no peace...

3 June 2016

[DR] - "Oi, that's OUR village!"

It's always good to start a month's blogging with a game report. Heck, it's always nice to have played a game to be able to report! In this case it was a three-player game of Dragon Rampant against my two boys to christen my gaming board. Whoop!

It became clear that finishing the trees and pouring the river are going to be needed before this feels a "proper" board