Deadcember 16

Here are the entries for the Deadcember painting challenge for December 2016.

From the Oldhammer Community Facebook group:

1) Alexander Ainsworth
From HeroQuest zombie to pirate skeleton; what's not to love?

2) Andrea Luchetti
I've never quite got into vampire miniatures and their cod-Elizabethan, high gothic style, but these are nicely done, aren't they?

3) Chris Kellahan
Check out the 'Eavy Metal styling on the photo. I have at least the one on the left and feel I should paint it soon.

4) Geoff Solomon-Sims
Ral Partha's wonderful Tom Meier sculpted zombie dragon. This is on my wishlist.

5) Geoff Solomon-Sims
Geoff's version of the iconic Mikael Jacsen of Lichemaster scenario fame.

Over on the Oldhammer Forum, Geoff is not the only one painting away. Prolific blogger ZeroTwentythree has been rapidly raising a host of the undead all by himself!

6) ZeroTwentythree
Skeletal demon and giant from Ral Partha (at some point I must get myself that giant)

9) ZeroTwentythree
A range of skeletal ogres. Skeletal ogres from (left to right): Ral Partha Europe, Justin from the Oldhammer FB group (incidentally, an unpainted one of these is my prize for this year's favourite entry), Ral Partha Europe, and Krakon Games (I believe an unpainted one of these will be donated as a prize as well).

10) ZeroTwentythree

11) inchmurrin

12) twisted moon

13) Michael Robinson
A converted corpse cart and crowd (look at that tree in the background!)

14) ZeroTwentythree
Yes, it's him again! Madly prolific this month, here are some of the named skeleton heroes from early Citadel days.

15) Alexander Ainsworth
A monstrous undead cyclops (originally Grenadier, still available from Mirliton)

16) James Cook
Lord Krell and his personal guard, the "Flying Eyeballs". Feast your eyeballs!

17) J-B Garidel, the Asslessman
A true classic - Peck Gregory.

18) Lewis Davies
A whole blood bowl team, and sideline staff! Meet Charnelton Athletic.

19) Michael Cassidy
"Aaaaaaaa-oooooo-aaa" which I think is banshee for "Don't go near that trapdoor"

20) Steve63
Proper lady-vampires ride sidesaddle.

21) Paul McWhirter
C17 skeleton characters Rambones and Gunner

22) Rochie Rochfort
Hexy is sexy

23) Stuart Bannister
I don't know this character, but Stuart thinks he is Pendal.

24) Peter Frodo Hunter

25) Graeme Hawkins
Our only 40k entry, I think - a space marine chaplain.

26) Jörgen Karlsson

27) Simone Rosati

28) Lars Gottlieb
For all your blazing-skulled vigilante needs

29) Lauri Tähkä
Look at the head on that horse! Creepy.