25 May 2016

World's Edge Wyverns - 05

After a truly awful photo that I inflicted on the Blood Bowl FB group, I thought I'd better get a more representative and less Monet-like image of the newest recruits to the Wyverns.

First, two blitzers - getting in to the eyes was pretty awkward with these but I rather like the pose, it fits with my idea of them barging their way through an opposing set of linemen on their way to the end zone.

I also had time to paint up the rather lovely Bob Olley sculpt, Grogrut Crunchskull. Initially I was a little overwhelmed by the level of surface detail to his skin - creases, muscles, curled lips, eyelids, warts. As soon as I got started, though, I rather fell in love with Olley's style and found it hugely rewarding (and surprisingly rapid) to paint

22 May 2016

Averaigne campaign - The fallen

In times of great conflict, heroes will rise, and heroes will fall.

I have started keeping a roll of the characters whose dice-rolling days have been cut short by overwhelming odds, traps, random encounters, or their own foolishness or ineptitude.

Feel free to visit their monuments in the fledgling cemetary whose inscriptions are liable to grow longer if their players have anything to do with it!

18 May 2016

Averaigne campaign - session 14

[The story so far]

[I know, I've left out two session reports which have some really important plot and some cool gaming, but I had to write this session while it was fresh in my head from earlier this evening and couldn't wait to share!]

Session 14 - Something beginning with "r"
Waking with the castle, our heroes find that a determined mood has overtaken the place since their return and the burial of their two fallen comrades, Rubeus and Henri. Men are armed, messengers on swift horses clatter in and out of the courtyard, and baskets of rubble are being filled along the battlements. Over a score of horses are being readied (it seems like all the horses in the small castle) alongside the stable block. Granted a short audience with Guisarme FitzHeron, they discover that he has been summoned to Corcelle with sufficient men for his rank to protect it - Alaric the high priest was calling in the oathsworn presence of all the local nobles. Was it an uprising? War? Either way, he had to go, but he agreed to take letters from them to Alaric and also their banker, Bertolac.

This left no horses for the adventurers, but they waited until he'd gone and then bribed the stablemaster to loan them a two-horse cart. They had to be in Corcelle in time before the eight days until the Spring festival arrived and whatever the cultists in the barrows had planned...

14 May 2016

Averaigne campaign - session 13

[The story so far]

Session 13 - Back to the barrow (pt.2)
Robed (or pretending to be captives), the adventurers headed on deeper into the winding tunnels under the barrow...

12 May 2016

Averaigne campaign - session 12

[The story so far]

Session 12 - Back to the barrow
Dumnorix the cleric strode ahead into the darkness of the tomb entrance, his mind still swimming with the visions he had been vouchsafed in a dream he was sure came straight from Alathea - the barrow must be purged of its unholy taint.

Symbol of Alathea
The others followed after, their horses and donkeys safely tethered outside the barrow; Grat the elven summoner, Aurelius the human mage, Nomos the human ex-soldier, Gowmac the halfling thief (reformed), and Rubeus the elven warrior-mage. Two retainers of Guisarme Fitzheron accompanied them as they had last time - Jean and Henri.

11 May 2016

Averaigne campaign - session 11

[The story so far]

Session 11 - A side order of heroism
Dumnorix the cleric was still lying close to death, fevered dreams swirling through his mind of a man (himself?) striding through ranks of spider-web-wrapped zombies cowering away from him and the glowing symbol of Alathea dangling from his wrist.

Grat, the elf versed in Summoning, did not leave his companion's side except to strike up a friendship with one of the castle servants during mealtimes. The others, however, needing some distraction from their friend's plight sought out the Lady Eleanor (Guisarme FitzHeron's wife) to put themselves at her service as thanks for her hospitality. Fortunately, there was a service they could perform for her...

7 May 2016

World's Edge Wyverns - 04

Yesterday, after the migraine, and post-migraine exhausted sleep, had passed, I used my sick day afternoon wisely - by painting!

Here are the three new recruits to the team, blockers. At the moment there are only three because I'm hunitng down the final sculpt (I have trades - contact me!) but, like with the line-orcs, I'm pleased with how they've turned out. I could do better, but only if I spent an unreasonably long time on them, and I'm happy with the effort/outcome balance of these.  Ready to bash heads....

6 May 2016

Averaigne campaign - session 10

[The story so far]

Session 10 - Of barrows and spiders

With a good night's rest, refreshed horses, and the company of two liveried soldiers of the Duke as guides (Henri and Jean), our party crossed the ford overlooked by the fort of Brun and headed into the forest that was said to contain the barrow mounds they sought.

2 May 2016

[GS Review] - April

So, how is the 2016 campaign going? April has been a big month. Big project, big spending, big increase in figures bought.

The overview, with new style cumulative graphing:

Fancy, eh?

The pictures:

1 May 2016

World's Edge Wyverns - 03

Happy May Day/Beltane/Bank Holiday Weekend/Rogation Sunday* (*delete as applicable)!

Being in something of an unexpected sulk that I'm not off playing pretendy-fun-toy-soldier games this weekend with all the cool nerds, either in Nottingham or in Ireland, I got on with some painting instead. I think this is probably a good measure of what I'm able to achieve with a 25/28mm figure for gaming purposes, so I'm happy to share these three line orcs for my emerging bloodbowl team. In keeping with my hardcore Oldhammer online-cred (like street-cred, but even more ultimately meaningless), these are all from 1988-ish.

Close-ups after the break...