30 November 2016

Are you ready?

Well, are you? Deadcember starts tomorrow and the theme this year is "The Quick and the Dead". I'm going for some Grenadier-but-now-made-by-Mirliton skeleton cavalry.

What will your contribution be?

24 November 2016

Averaigne campaign - session 27

[The story so far]

Session 27 - The tomb of the iron god (vii)
NB - this uses Matt Finch's excellent Tomb of the Iron God module and may contain spoilers.

With Nausicaa still irritated about the marks that the ghoul claws had left on her face, Tybalt complaining about about his dreadful luck, and Jean pale and staggering like a man just back on his feet after a three-day fever, Gwen took hold of her map and led the way through the doorway the injured ghoul had apparently fled through.

14 November 2016

Deadcember is coming

"Deadcember" by Zhu Bajie. And it's all mine mwahaahahah!

Yes, ghouls and boys, we're nearly at that special time of year again when we concentrate our model-painting efforts on the undead. Last year there were some spectacularly boney contributions so I wanted to sneak in a reminder to give you time to plan. I thought that a theme beyond just "undead" might be a good way to give people focus so I've chosen "the quick and the dead". Something speedy, then, be that zombie dragons, skeletal chariots, ghost knights, carrion, whatever. There will be a prize this year - one of Justin Coutange's lovely oldhammery skeleton ogres - for the entry I choose as my favourite on purely subjective grounds. Details of how to enter your photos to follow.

13 November 2016

Averaigne campaign - session 26

[The story so far]

Session 26 - The tomb of the iron god (vi)
NB - this uses Matt Finch's excellent Tomb of the Iron God module and may contain spoilers

After an uneventful night in their makeshift fortified camp, the party decide to head back down into the remains of the temple and carry on where they left off.

11 November 2016

Armistice day

More than a touch disheartened by the way this year's major plebiscites in the English speaking world have led to a vituperative fracturing of society into us/them, I pray that we aren't in the slow slide back towards the sort of events that we recall today.