31 May 2012

Follower Guest Spot #2

After a bit of a slump, geek-wise, following the excitement of the NAF Cup a couple of weekends ago, I woke up early this morning and did just ten minutes of painting on a half-finished knight for my Quest project. It, along with the arrival of some bits in the post for both British and Prussian forces for GASLIGHT yesterday evening, was enough to get me back in the saddle. I hope to get a record of the highlights of the bloodbowling fun from the NAF cup up on the blog here over the next couple of days.

In the mean time, may I direct your attention to Bishop Lord's new(ish) 28mm blog, Assemble the Army! for my second Follower Guest Spot? Although still in its infancy, it already boasts a couple of lovely shots of Perry miniatures ready to defend the Papal See.

Link to Bishop Lord's POST -> click here

Happy geeking,

18 May 2012

Hey! Ho! Logo!

(With apologies to the Ramones)

I'm getting so psyched about heading off to Nottingham for the NAF Cup tonight. Home by four, freshen up and change, collected by Chris at five, then we hit the road. A couple of hours of increasingly uncivilised banter later and we'll be there. Curry. Bugman's for a pint or two. Bed. Slap up breakfast then GAMING! Woohoo!

Bag of clothes packed? Check!
Bag of miniatures packed? Check!
Let's go!

Oh, and in my pre-gaming geeky trance, I even knocked up a team logo (based on the Houston Texans' logo), printed it, cut it out and stuck it on my carry case - how sad am I? What do you reckon to the logo?

The pink and green are the team colors, the white star eye of the original I've replaced with the chaos pact team symbol, and the bull's head seemed apt for a minotaur-captained team (he is the Moloch of Moloch's Malefactors).

I hope your geeking is keeping you as entertained as mine is me,

15 May 2012

Ready to roll... ones and skulls

Two posts in one day! Blimey! Well, completing one of my Projects for the Year is reason enough, I reckon.

Without further ado, here are Moloch's Malefactors in all their varnish-still-wet glory, ready for this weekend's massive geek-fest that is the NAF Bloodbowl Cup at GW headquarters in Nottingham.

If you're attending, come and say 'Hi' - I'll be the chap that looks like this, but with an extra year or so of parenting and teaching adding grey to the hair, and lines around the eyes...

Happy geeking,

Follower Guest Spot #1

Now that I've reached the heady heights of TWENTY-TWO followers, I thought I'd repay the favour and regularly intermittently link back to posts of theirs which I enjoy. The criteria for selection are entirely whimsical; perhaps because it matches a current project of mine, is utterly different, good fun, inspirational, has some eye-candy, who knows?!

Anyway, Guest Spot #1 goes to Christopher (AKA Axebreaker) for his rather lovely Victorian adventuress. Why don't you pop over and check it out? I reckon she'd comfortably face down a horde of Lost World neanderthalls and then head over to the Simmond-Wrights' campfire for a spot of afternoon tea and some piano recitals.

Link to Christopher's post -> click here

Happy geeking,