21 September 2013

Hi again; buy my stuff!

With the dreaded OFSTED apparently due any moment (I think the Headteacher has been reading the entrails of goats or something), I've not had the calmest start to the new school year. I've been managing to scratch my geeking itch by planning what to concentrate on for the next year or so and have reduced it to three projects and a determination to actually play some games.

  1. Gladiators - Blood on the Sands is already a fantastic game and the slight playtest tweaks that are being put in place are bringing up to the level of an enduring classic. It really is that good! So, I need to paint some gladiators and finish off the arena for them to battle in.
  2. Fantasy football - I love Bloodbowl and Elfball and have two or three teams that are nearly complete. While this will really be a filler activity (I can play with what I have painted), I want to get the full set of my Chaos Allstars painted, along with associated Star Players, reroll counters etc.
  3. Oldhammer - I've always preferred the earlier style of miniatures that Citadel produced, having got interested gaming about a year or so before Fourth Ed. was released. During the holidays I picked up a nearly mint hardback copy of 3rd Ed in a charity shop for £6 - bargain! My plan is to use it as the vehicle to continue my "fantastic chivalry" project. This will be the major project by a long way over the other two.
In order to facilitate my ebay extravagances (we all know it will happen!) as I pick up classic figures, I'm selling stuff I don't use. I'll try and keep the sales page on here up to date, but I'll be concentrating on my sales thread on the LAF, so check there for updates. Anything that doesn't sell in the next few weeks will be transferred here as an ongoing thing.

Buy my stuff, you know you want to :)