16 January 2017

The start of something chaotic

This year, as you may have read in my plans for 2017 post, I aim to turn my motley collection of painted and unpainted lead into a fully functioning (i.e. painted, based, shielded and bannered) army of 3,000 points for 3rd edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle. I've decided to go for generic Chaos as per the main rulebook, although it will have a blue and yellow Tzeentchian theme, and a wizard on flying disc for flavour.

I own all the models needed to complete this task, and have assembled and/or converted almost all of them to the stage where they are ready for undercoating. This then, is The Plan, with a couple of old photos of models already done:

The Swan Knight (536 points)
Chaos knight mounted on Giant Evil Swan (counts as flightless manticore), wearing Galvorn Armour, and carrying a shield and his mace, Souldrinker (counts as parasitic blade).

Skathis Warprider (235 points)
Level 15 sorcerer on flying disc, wearing Chaos armour and bearing the Staff of Yttheris (counts as hellhoned blade)

Duke Elvon Skullsplitter's Dark Saints (550 points)
Five chaos warriors with heavy armour and shields, mounted on barded steeds of chaos

Athon Harrowstone's retinue (470 points)
Chaos warrior (Athon himself) and 9 marauders, all in heavy armour and two-handed weapons, one with a banner

Daethor Wulfbite's thugs (189 points)
Daethor (a marauder) and seventeen thugs in light armour, one with a banner

Braxis Vilehand's herd (326 points)
Eighteen beastmen in light armour (one with a Hellfire banner, one a level 5 champion - Braxis himself)

Gorric Hardhoof's herd (175 points)
Five chaos centaurs with light armour and shields

Barrick Hollowtooth's Headcleavers (257 points)
Barrick (level 5 champion) and his honour guard of thirteen chaos dwarves with heavy armour and two-handed weapons. Barrick carries the Old Hammer (counts as having enchanted strike)

Yarlreach the Cunning (90 points)
Level 5 beastman sorcerer

The Bulls of Jatir (126 points)
Three minotaurs with two-handed weapons

The Hounds of Tramier (46 points)
Two chaos hounds

This all comes to exactly 3,000 points and gives me plenty to be getting on with. By my calculation, the status of the army is as follows:

Painted - Knight on swan, sorcerer on disc, sorcerer on foot, 2 hounds, 1 minotaur, 1 centaur, 6 warriors, 12 beastmen, 1 thug
Partly painted - 1 minotaur
Undercoated - 4 warriors
Prepped and based - 1 minotaur, 14 thugs, 6 beastmen, 2 centaurs
In a bag - 14 dwarves, 1 thug
Still needs to be converted - 1 centaur, 2 thugs
Banners - zero done out of three

This then gives me a painting target of forty-six figures (including five mounted and four centaurs), far more than I've ever painted in a year, and three banners. I've only painted one banner before, and it was a per pale heraldic one, not a chaotic one.

I may have bitten off more than I can chew! Wish me luck...


  1. Awesome stuff! Really looking forward to seeing this develop.

    1. Thanks, Michael. I did the most important bit of preparation last night; a blood sacrifice by ramming a 1mm pin vice bit into my thumb while converting up the thug banner bearer. Lots of blood...

  2. I think it's time to get Warhammer Armies out and see how much I have to paint to hold back this tide! Great stuff!

    1. Thanks Colin, I'm pretty pleased with what I've done so far and I'm looking forward to sharing my knights - their mounts are suitably eclectic!

  3. Are you getting this army ready for BOYL this year?

    1. Sadly not - we're away on family holiday across the BOYL weekend.

  4. Looking at what you've done so far this will be fantastic when finished. Best of luck with the target!

    Good to see it's not just me who thinks minotaurs don't hit hard enough unless they have two handed weapons... :)

    1. Thanks Paul, I hope so!

      Minotaurs without 2-handed weapons? Pffft! No point at all ;)

  5. I hope these are ready for Boyl! I would love to see these in person, especially those centaurs! ;)

    1. Unfortunately I'm not at BOYL this year, but I promise to spam te interwebz with pictures as I make progress.

  6. aim for the year is to paint something since I managed nothing last year. so 46 models seems like you have a lot of work ahead of you!!!

  7. What a fantastic project! Can't wait to see the finished product.

    Incidentally, I'd love to see you put the whole thing together like those 2-page spreads in Warhammer Armies for each army (like Brian Ansell's chaos army or Kev Adam's orc army). Do you know if any other Oldhammerer has done this before?

    1. That's an excellent idea, Matthew! I'll have to get scanning and set it up as a frame that I can drop my pictures into.